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WSO2 IS: How to use the TOTP (Time-Based One Time Password) API

What is Time-Based One Time Password (TOTP) TOTP means time based one-time password, and is a common form of two-factor authentication Unique numeric passwords are generated with an algorithm that uses the current time as the input Time-based passwords expire, and therefore offer greater security

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WSO2 Identity Server 5.10: New developments

2020 was the start of a completely new decade for WSO2 Identity Server since the tool showed a new face with the release of version 5100, which promises to be a pioneer in data protection and

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Identity management: trends and best practices

Regardless of their size, more and more companies are taking part in the implementation of an identity management system The possibility of protecting their data as a company and having control over

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WSO2 Identity Server Tutorial: Introduction

Welcome to the new section of the blog dedicated to Identity Server of WSO2, a revolutionary tool to ensure the security and correct identity management of any company Whether you have already heard

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WSO2 Identity Server, the next step for IAM solutions

IAM solutions have become a necessity for today's businesses The entire process of managing electronic identities within any business requires this administration system Its use is a guarantee for

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The big challenges for CIOs about identity management

Grave issues that may occur, such as downtime in a technological service, are usually tackled first These issues go hand-in-hand with a loss of trust by the company in IT services It therefore

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Identity Management solutions for enterprises

The purpose of IAM, which stands for identity access management, is to manage data related to user profiles in one or several applications It is an interrelated solution that can be used to manage

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Cybersecurity in digital transformation

Nowadays, our property and assets are more connected than ever Companies and organizations operating in globalized markets demand agility and efficacy in the workplace This connectivity makes

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