Chakray was originally founded in Spain in 2013 by a group of 5 engineers with a shared belief in open source technologies. Since then our organisation has grown significantly each year, building on a reputation for high technical expertise and customer satisfaction.

Chakray has clients in almost every part of the world. Our principle regional offices are in Spain, UK, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Peru and Canada, but we service clients in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Argentina, Cape Verde...everywhere!

Man coding on a laptop

Flexible Approach

We provide services onsite, offsite (locally), offshore (follow the sun / cost saving) or a hybrid approach.

Our people are all highly experienced and highly trained. We have a strict philosophy on providing industry leading expertise, which means you get our senior consultants every time.

We work agnostically of sector, and our clients include many of the most well known brands in the world from banking, telecoms, aviation, government, education, retail and automotive.

We pride ourselves on being your full lifecycle change implementation partner, from identification of your needs through to solution delivery and ongoing management.

Our Steering Group

The people responsible for the overall strategy and direction of Chakray.

Regional Contacts

Your first point of contact if you would like to make contact with a specific region of Chakray.

We are proud to be a WSO2 Gold Certified Partner, which requires the highest level of experience, service and capability in implementing WSO2 integration technologies.