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Find out how Chakray helps telecommunications companies tackle digital challenges through integration

The Telco industry has for a long time existed on the bleeding edge of digital progress. The services they provide have been the backbone of digital progress and possibility across all sectors, and bring new possibilities to end users across the world.

Today, perhaps more than ever before, the demands for Telcos to continue to innovate and adapt are greater than ever. With the emergence of new technologies, both complementary and competing, combined with the boom in competition and fragmentation of the sector mean that only the most agile, adaptable and forward thinking companies will flourish.

Capabilities for Telco Organisations

Chakray can assist your organisation by delivering Telco transformations that include:

  • Personalised Customer Experiences - Delivering a quick and personalised service is one of the biggest challenges in the telecom industry as providers can receive millions of customer requests every day. Utilising Data and Analytics through Event Streams and Real-Time integrations, Chakray can help deliver improved customer experiences and increased intelligence enabling you to make better decisions for your customers.
  • Connect with your legacy systems - Integrating new solutions with existing technologies and platforms is one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation for Telco operators. Existing systems are usually complex and fragmented with inconsistent data across different systems. Chakray can help establish an integration capability capable of blending the new with the existing OSS and BSS platforms.
  • Create an integrated services ecosystem - Create API strategies to enable the utilisation of APIs to expose your telco IT and network services and aid collaboration with other 3rd parties to deliver unique services and monetisation plans to customers such as streaming services, news, social media and cloud storage.
  • Identity and Access Management Strategy - Identity and access management and cyber security solutions will allow you to protect both your company's data and your customers and third parties data, thus increasing their confidence in your business. Customer Identity and Access Management is also a key enabler to an improved customer journey.
  • Increase Digital Agility - Telecom industry standards may change regularly, though not as regularly as technology hypes and trends within the industry. Whatever the reason, a successful telecom organisation needs to be able to change quickly in order to increase customer base and market share. Chakray can help implement strategies to allow for digital agility involving multiple speeds of change in order to innovate, deliver and adapt quickly to an ever-changing landscape. 
Digital Challenges

Whilst all telco organisations are unique, there are many common themes in terms of the technical challenges they face which are currently disrupting this sector. In this section we’ll provide a high level view of some of the most common ones.

OTT (Over-The-Top) Service Providers

The number of competitors in the Telco industry has increased with the emergence of the OTTs (communication, data transmission and content creation services companies), which offer their services through the internet and without the participation of traditional Telcos. The market share and revenues of telecommunications companies have been in decline as fewer users rely upon traditional SMS or calls and make more use of the new OTT services. Some examples of OTTs are WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype, which have focused their investments on the cloud and that’s why many Telco’s are choosing to partner with OTTs to increase their service offerings and solutions.


WIFI 6, linked to 5G, will increase the capacity to support large numbers of interconnected devices and increase the speed of data transmission.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The effective use of IoT help’s Telcos offer better services to customers, improve information sharing, service monitoring, remote equipment management and control, security and IT infrastructure adaptation. In addition, training their teams in IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) can be very beneficial given the current increase in the number of connected devices.


Blockchain in the Telco sector represents a radical transformation of the business both externally in terms of the services and security that will be offered to customers, as well as internally with real-time monitoring of communications, improvement in the value chain, simplification of processes and fraud prevention.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cybersecurity and data privacy are a key priority for telecommunications companies to create environments where users can feel as secure as possible. The use of authentication, biometric readers and data encryption are some of the most common trends in the industry in order to curb potential cyber-attacks, theft of sensitive information and verify identities.


Cloud solutions are increasingly being used by telecoms providers, who need agile cloud services that support large volumes of data, voice and multimedia.

Big Data

Big Data helps companies in their storage, analysis and process automation. In the Telco industry, its effective use makes it possible to offer customers better plans based on their actual consumption, at what times of the day they call, how many people and how much time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an improvement for communication services and technologies. Its main applications in the Telco industry are around offering a better customer service experience through the use of virtual assistants and chatbots, optimising mobile and fixed networks and detecting fraudulent activities.

Chat Bots: Customer service automation

The automation of conversations with customers using chatbots is a growing trend in the Telco sector, ensuring that customers do not have to wait in long queues to resolve their queries and the customer service team does not have to spend their time resolving repetitive questions. 

A Dedicated Solution For Telco


Chakray’s Telco-Connect solution will enable Telco providers to seamlessly integrate their back-end systems and create new revenue streams through exposing Telco Services via APIs with industry standards like GSMA. Essentially this improves customer experience in different channels such as USSD, Mobile Apps and Web Apps. Organisation specific 3rd party systems, billing engines, merchants, payment gateways and many other external and internal systems would be integrated to provide advanced capabilities of the platform.

Our ready-to-deploy solution has in-built Telco connectors for integrating with world’s leading BSS/OSS providers including Nokia, Ericsson and Amdocs which can be easily configured and customised. The solution is also enriched with a comprehensive Identity and Access Management capability which enables Mobile Connect standard as an extension and is powered by WSO2.

Telco-Connect Platform Features

Enhanced Security

Comprehensive Identity and Access Management System provides user management, authentication, authorisation and OAuth 2.0 based API Security.

Pluggable Telco Connectors

In-built connectors for seamless integration with most widely used OSS/BSS platforms within Telecommunication Systems

Scalable Deployment

Micro-services based container deployment to provide maximum scalability with the flexibility of deploying within on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments

Monitoring & Smart Analytics

Centralised login framework with smart analytics provided by in-built dashboards for monitoring of both applications and infrastructure

Telco-Connect APIs

Some of the key APIs pre-built in Telco-Connect platform are listed below. Many other APIs can be implemented seamlessly with the support of a common re-usable framework provided by the platform itself for integrations.

Mobile Wallet API

Mobile Wallet APIs allow developers to build a whole new world of Mobile Wallet apps, Point of Sales Systems, Kiosks and many more. Built based on Mobile Money Specification published by GSMA, it can be mixed with other APIs in the Telco Connect platform to build innovative solutions.

Charging API

Telco Connect’s Charging Service API introduces a new way of making payments. It can be integrated into shopping carts and customers are able to make payment by debiting the payment amount to the mobile monthly bill.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) API

With the USSD API, developers can build sophisticated USSD applications integrating to any system that needs customer interactions. A good example is when building financial systems, where customer consent is needed for different types of transactions, the USSD API can be a useful approach to build a conversation with the customer.

Billing Info API

Billing API provides a powerful information about the subscriber’s bills. This could be from simple outstanding bill insights  to complex analytical billing analysis integrated to Chat Bots, Customer Service Assistant Bots etc. Billing API also enables developers to build Self Service Kiosks to provide great customer experience including bill payments via the Kiosk.

Know Your Customer (KYC) API

Customer’s information should be securely exposed to external and internal parties for the purpose of marketing, promotions and campaigns. It can be fulfilled with Telco-Connect’s KYC API.

Mobile Banking API

Integrating Mobile Money platforms with subscriber’s banking partners provides the benefit of transferring money directly from subscriber’s bank account to the mobile money account, which is supported by Mobile Banking API.

Social Messaging API

Social Messaging API allows SMS messages & USSD messages to be converted to Social Media Messages. This provides a wide array of capabilities to the developers on engaging customers with different omni channels. The charging API would bring a new way of paying for goods and services by allowing the customer to directly pay their monthly bill.

Dedicated Solutions for the Telco sector

The Telco-Connect platform provides an end to end application development experience with its API MarketPlace (API Store) powered by WSO2 API Management platform. External developers can search, view, subscribe and test the different Telco APIs to get the best out of its functionalities for their app development.

Coupling with WSO2 Identity Management Platform, it provides a more secure and managed user base with added security to the API layer using industry standard authentication mechanisms aligning with authentication provided in GSMA specification for mobile operators.

Why Chakray?

  • Whether you are looking to leverage the technical and reputational benefits by being ahead of the curve, or if you are in a region where it is a regulatory requirement, we can help.
  • We can work with your technical teams, leaders and stakeholders to help your organisation understand the benefits, responsibilities and journey of your company's digital transformation and integration.
  • Our team of experts work closely with you to identify and implement the technologies and solutions that can help your company's digital ecosystem generate higher revenues and improve user experience.

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