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Whatever digital transformation initiative you are working on, it is likely that integration will play a critical role.

Whether you are trying to reduce your costs, connect a new system or implement a new capability for your organisation, Chakray has the services, expertise and technologies to help deliver the outcomes you seek.

Strategic initiatives

Integration Strategy & Roadmap

Help to define and deliver the integration strategy for your organisation.

Digital Agility

Accelerate digital delivery and Improve your ability to react and innovate.

Leveraging Data

Improve business intelligence and deliver a better customer experience.

Merger & Acquisition

Combine or decouple organisations with intelligent integration strategies.

Customer Experience

Gain market share by meeting and exceeding your customers expectations.

Reduce Integration TCO

Reduce the costs whilst improving the performance of your integration capability.

Legacy Modernisation

Remove the constraints of your legacy estate and focus on building value.

Business Automation

Automate your most time consuming and costly processes and activities.

Technical Initiatives

These initiatives are typically projects initiated and operated from within IT departments with a focus on enhancing or delivering capabilities and reducing costs.

Migrating Systems & Services

Moving your existing systems and services over to new technologies.

Leveraging Cloud

Take advantage of highly available cloud infrastructure and reduced costs.

API Management

Reduce costs, complexity and technical debt with your API portfolio.

API & Integration Security

Implement robust security policies, procedure and governance.

Infrastructure Automation

Deploy infrastructures in cloud, on-premise or hybrid, within seconds

Identity & Access Management

Manage the roles and access of individual users and gain insights.


Robust telemetry that aggregates distributed IT services data in a multi-cloud environment

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Process Automation

An integration led approach to automating some of the most critical and time consuming processes common amongst most organisations, regardless of industry sector.

Joiners, Movers & Leavers

Reduce the time taken to onboard a new employee and make them productive.

Quote to Cash

Automate the  journey from customer intent, to purchase and the recognition of revenue.

Source to Pay

S2P covers sourcing, negotiating with, contracting and payment of suppliers.

SAAS Integration

When adopting a new SaaS technology it is critical that you adopt an integration approach that will deliver the strongest overall benefits to your organisation. There are a number of ways to approach this integration challenge.

Integration with is a path to a number of key benefits and also, for many organisations, entirely defining in terms of realising the value of their implementation.

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Understanding how existing business processes flow, and how the underlying data is structured will help to plan the adoption of Workday and formulate a strategy for integration.

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Our approach to preparing the foundations for success and retrofitting those foundations enables us to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers in implementation.

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Industry Specific Solutions

Whilst most integration initiatives are horizontal and relevant to all organisations, there are additionally some industry specific challenges and opportunities that Chakray can help you address.

Whether you are in Banking, Healthcare, Telco or Retail, select one of these options to find out how Chakray can help address your unique challenges.

Banking / Finance


What our customers think...

A True Partner, Not Just A Supplier

With Chakray I feel that we are in it together, and that it is always in everybody’s interests to be successful and focus on the right things. They will always work with us to solve problems that may fall outside of their usual remit. They deliver great outcomes for my organisation.

Head Of IT Integration

Trusted Partner

We have been working with Chakray for several years beginning with their Integration Services on some very tight deadlines. They were able to us deliver quality integrations working with Architects, Developers and Project Manager. Their product expertise and professional and pragmatic approach was invaluable in delivering quality integrations that we required.

Operations Manager

Both Professional And Personal Level Outstanding Partner

Chakray is an outstanding technological partner that has helped us to deploy our Enterprise Integration Platform based in WSO2 that will leverage our agility to respond to present and future business challenges and foster collaboration among our departments by means of breaking information silos.

Project Manager

Great Team That Integrated With Organization For A Complex Migration Project

Chakray were able to provide us with a very experienced team consisting of a project manager, solution architect and a number of very developer. They were integrated into our development team and allowed us to migrate from a legacy API Gateway, whilst developing a customised CI/CD toolchain to help us with ongoing API management

Service Architect

A Complex Challenge Well Solved

As an energy company, we were facing the obsolescence of one of our main software components. The project was finished over expectations, including a deep architecture review and the foundation of a new devops pipe to ensure the proper software evolution successive deployments, additionally we did improve considerably our middleware monitoring capabilities.

Cloud Architect
Energy and Utilities

Supportive And Knowledgeable Partner

Very responsive organisation, array of subject matter experts and assisted greatly after the previous provider failed to deliver.


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