Careers at Chakray

Chakray is a technical service company, which means our people are our reputation. That makes recruitment one of the most important activities in our company. As we continue to grow and expand, we have a constant requirement to find and develop new talent.

We work on many projects for some of the most recognisable organisations around the world, and our flexible approach to service delivery means there are many different types of opportunity in our company.

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Think Ahead

Whether you are interested in joining Chakray now, or maybe in the future, we always recommend you get in touch and let us know today.

Sometimes joining Chakray can be a quick process in response to an active vacancy. For others it can be more of a journey. You may be in the middle of a project which you wish to complete, or thinking about relocating in the medium term.

If you express an interest in joining Chakray today, we can look at a roadmap for your future with us whenever that might be.

Current Openings

A Team Effort

It takes a lot of talented people to build our solutions, deliver our client experience and ensure the Chakray organisation runs smoothly.

Technical Talent

The people responsible for creating and implementing our technical solutions.

Roles that deliver our technical solutions

Our technical teams consist of roles including Architects, Solution Designers, Developers, Devops Engineers, Analysts, IAM & Security Experts and QA. Our work is mostly integration focussed and therefore experience (or a strong desire to learn) in this area is critical.

We have technical people working from office locations in Spain, Mexico, Sri Lanka and the UK. Some of our people work in long term engagements on client sites in many different parts of the world. Many individuals that travel frequently for shorter term engagements in a consultant capacity.

Whatever your location or expertise, we’d love to hear from you. Please use the form on this page to get in touch and upload your CV.

Delivery Talent

The people responsible for ensuring successful client outcomes alongside our technical talent.

Roles that deliver our client outcomes

At Chakray our client experience is just as important as the technical solutions we provide. It takes a whole team to deliver a successful outcome in any project or engagement. These roles include Client Managers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Enterprise Architects, Product Owners, Project Managers and Service Delivery Managers.

Some roles involve a lot of domestic and international travel where others are single client location or office based. What matters most in these roles are high levels of communication, expertise in your individual field and a strong understanding of integration delivery.

We are always happy to hear from the people that can make our clients smile. Please use the form on this page to get in touch and upload your CV.

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Internal Talent

The people responsible for the success of the Chakray organisation.

Roles that keep the wheels turning

As a growing company we are constantly expanding our internal function teams in the areas of finance, HR, marketing, recruitment and sales. Knowledge of technical integration delivery is less critical in these roles (except for our Sales Team) but it sometimes helps to have worked in a technical organisation.

Chakray is a global company, and so it is a big advantage to have a second language or experience of working in a similarly structured organisation. For instance, the HR decisions we make in one country can impact other locations and our marketing messages must be fit for an international audience.

If you have got what it takes to help Chakray continue to expand across the globe, please complete the form on this page to get in touch and upload your CV.

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If you would like to explore joining the Chakray team, please complete this form and attach your CV.