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Find out how Chakray helps healthcare organisations tackle digital challenges through integration

In an era where new technology is continuing to accelerate and disrupt, it’s important that healthcare organisations are agile, able to leverage the benefits of the latest advancements, provide the best experiences and make the correct decisions.

A patient-centric integrated healthcare landscape can significantly increase the effectiveness of healthcare in any country in the world.

Capabilities for Healthcare Organizations

  • Managing and reducing cybersecurity threats to protect personal and clinical data and privacy.
  • Driving connected medical and clinical data analytics for decision making and personalisation of services that add greater value to patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Accelerate and implement innovative digital health strategies to improve the consumer experience with cloud, on-premise or hybrid strategies.
  • Improve communication among healthcare professionals, between patients and medical staff in order to facilitate an optimal level of care and reduce or mitigate adverse events that may require an emergency response.
  • Implementation of interoperability platforms that solve problems and create opportunities related to the transmission of information and the connection of systems with security and identity management.
  • Accelerated digital innovation to meet shorter deadlines.
  • Improving the health and experience of patients through patient-centered solutions and services that enable personalization through the use of interconnected devices and platforms.
  • Ensure the integrity and availability of services with sophisticated monitoring and alerting systems.
Digital Challenges/ Opportunities in Healthcare

Whilst all healthcare organisations are unique, there are many common themes in terms of the technical challenges they face which are currently disrupting this sector. In this section we’ll provide a high level view of some of the most common ones.

Connected Healthcare: Interoperability solutions

There is a growing movement towards achieving a connected and patient-centered healthcare system. It can bring great benefits to patients and the healthcare system in general, including:

  • allowing fast and secure access to healthcare information
  • improving coordination between the different healthcare services that care for the patient
  • facilitating appointment tracking and reminders
  • giving patients a more active role.

mHealth and eHealth

mHealth is in full development and growth due to the generalized use of mobile devices, such as smartphones, and to the multiple benefits it brings, both to patients and to healthcare professionals. Some of its benefits include: 

  • improving the quality of care (patients have faster access to specialists and the latter have the possibility of consulting experts for a second opinion)
  • bringing medical care closer to patients (avoiding expenses and wasted time in traveling)
  • facilitates communication between health services and patients (reminders for taking medication, appointments, etc.)
  • enables patient monitoring and surveillance
  • reduces the length of hospital stays.

Big Data

The healthcare sector generates a large amount of information related to patients, healthcare centers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical industries. The application of Big Data allows, not only a better knowledge and management of this information, but also the application of predictive models that allow better medical care of patients (identification of risk groups, monitoring of chronically ill patients, etc.), optimization and forecasting of personnel and health resources needs, improvements and development of new drugs.

Security, Data Privacy and the Cloud

The healthcare sector has personal and clinical data on a large number of people (practically the entire population) and, in addition, this data is very sensitive, since inappropriate use of this data can have serious consequences for individuals. The healthcare system must therefore guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data, so that only authorized persons can access them for lawful purposes related to patients’ health. The use of cloud computing (SaaS solutions), means leaving such concerns behind and correctly implementing security in the data being managed before even considering deploying them in the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry is experiencing rapid growth and development. It currently allows, among other things: 

  • improving the management of patient appointments
  • helps in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • facilitates the interpretation of diagnostic tests (clinical analysis and medical imaging)
  • saves time and travel for patients through online and virtual medical assistants.


The use of blockchain has a multitude of applications in the healthcare field, among which we can highlight:

  • allows fast, decentralized and secure access to clinical records
  • provides doctors with real and updated information on the consumption of drugs by their patients
  • helps the pharmaceutical industry to forecast future drug needs.

Dedicated Solutions

Whilst many technologies can be considered horizontally appropriate regardless of your industry, it is also worth exploring the advantages of specific solutions that have been designed specifically to meet the needs of the Healthcare sector.


WSO2 Open Healthcare

WSO2 is a technology suite that can be used to provide a complete digital platform for interoperability by meeting regulatory compliance requirements. These tools provide a host of capabilities such as Application Sharing, Document Exchange and Data Sharing that can be leveraged to allow systems to communicate with each other and provide data to consumers such as patients, healthcare professionals and research groups. The platform can be deployed on-premises, in VMs, in multiple clouds, and in containers.

Why Chakray?

  • Our flexible range of services enables us to provide the input you need. We pride ourselves on being your full lifecycle change implementation partner, from identification of your needs through to solution delivery and ongoing management.
  • Whether you are looking to leverage the technical and reputational benefits by being ahead of the curve, or if you are in a region where it is a regulatory requirement, we can help.
  • We can work with your technical teams, leaders and stakeholders to help your organization understand the benefits, responsibilities and journey of your company's digital transformation and integration.
  • Our team of experts work closely with you to identify and implement the technologies and solutions that can help your company's digital ecosystem generate higher revenues and improve user experience.

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