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Gravitee is the first event-native API Management platform that enables you to manage, secure, and govern synchronous and asynchronous APIs. Clients such as the Danish Data Supply Agency, the University of Helsinki, and the Imperial War Museum in London trust Gravitee with the implementation of their APIfication strategies.

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Gravitee and Chakray: Reseller Partner

Chakray is a Gravitee partner. This allows us to offer our customers the possibility of having professionals with extensive and proven experience in the implementation of API Management business solutions.

In these processes, we provide added value from the initial consultation which allows us to define the design and architecture of the solution, and progress to implementation, development and subsequent implementation of the strategy, as well as support and maintenance as managed services following the implementation of the solutions.

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Whether you are looking for an API Gateway, want to implement a complete API lifecycle management system, or build an event-driven API Management architecture, we’re able to provide you with a customized demo.

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How do we help with Gravitee?

The key to ensuring a successful APIfication strategy is to ensure that the right technologies are in place, deployed in the correct way and with the necessary support and maintenance capabilities.

At Chakray, we help organizations to define their APIfication strategy, to evaluate and select technologies, and to appreciate the value of what is being deployed. We work with clients to digitize processes, modernize obsolete systems through APIs, and deliver foundational capabilities for Digital Transformation initiatives.

Chakray has worked with numerous clients to optimize their API Management implementation and reduce the TCO of their solutions. An effective and robust APIfication strategy incorporates a set of capabilities that support it and Chakray can provide or help establish the appropriate capacities for the initiatives to be implemented, regardless of whether it is defining a solution architecture, or the design, development, and management of APIs, or establishing its own center of excellence for APIfication and/or Integration.

We offer the following Gravitee services:




APIfication Accelerator

Implementation or development

Project delivery or management

Managed Services or Support

Gravitee is a powerful tool for organizations that require a high degree of flexibility and customization. As such, it’s typically part of a centralized IT initiative or strategy. It is implemented by organizations to address APIfication scenarios and use cases of varying complexity. It has a relatively low cost compared to other technologies with similar capabilities and is even implemented as migrations from more expensive platforms.

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Case Study

The Miranza Group improves the customer experience with an integrated healthcare strategy using Gravitee technology.

Discover how more than 300 online appointments were generated in 2 months thanks to the implementation of the solution, of which 50% were new patients in this successful case study.

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Why Gravitee?

Gravitee is a complete API Management solution with an event-based architecture that is able to:

  • Flexibly manage

    Unifying the management, security, and governance of synchronous and asynchronous API ecosystems

  • Secure the data

    Reinforcing the security of access to APIs, with control of who, how, and when they are accessed and consumed.

  • Modernize with minimal effort

    Introducing new protocols, services, and APIs without having to learn new skills or invest in more tools.

  • Optimize collaboration

    Integrating people, processes, and technologies across the company for improved and secure collaboration thanks to more affordable operations.

  • Implement API observability

    Easily auditing, visualizing the consumption and behavior of APIs, to ensure risk mitigation and/or regulatory compliance.

  • Generate revenue

    Turning APIs into products that can be monetized and measured.

As a platform, it far exceeds the scope of API management, since it enables you to manage and secure the entire API lifecycle, with solutions for design, management, securitization, productivity, real-time observability, and much more.

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Gravitee stands out from the competition thanks to an approach based on these 6 main points:

  1. Event-native nature

    Gravitee has developed a platform that can manage both synchronous APIs and event-driven APIs, and mediate between protocols and backends such as Kafka and Webhookx, Websockets, REST APIs, etc.

  2. Breadth of coverage

    Among its open source and enterprise products, Gravitee offers API Gateway and API Management, Identity and Access Management, API Design, API Monitoring, API Productification, API Productification, API Security, etc.

  3. Open source philosophy

    Gravitee started as an open source product (its API Management and Access Management products are still licensed under Apache 2.0) and has remained a company that has been heavily contributing to the community ever since, with the goal of being the best open source solution for APIs.

  4. Ease of use and time to value

    In its products, Gravitee reflects the idea of “abstracting” the difficulties of API Design with a UI and a philosophy based on ease of use and user experience.

  5. Commitment to security and privacy

    Gravitee's API Management and Access Management solutions are FAPI (Financial-grade API) grade.

  6. Community-and-customer-based approach

    Providing opportunities for both audiences to influence the roadmap and direction of the product.

The Gravitee Platform:

Our Approach

For many of our customers, their first contact with us is through an APIfication Accelerator. This fixed-cost, low-friction service enables organizations to quickly demonstrate the value of a Gravitee implementation. 

In order to do so, we help clients select significant use cases that demonstrate the return on investment from the start, with a value-based approach.

On the other hand, we can help organizations plan their Gravitee adoption, define the correct architecture to implement said technology, understand the cost of ownership, and optimize their consumption.

The flexibility that Gravitee has in terms of its deployment can provide significant opportunities for organizations to take advantage of containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes and optimize their operational costs. Our DevOps and CI/CD engineers work with our clients’ teams to ensure that the deployment and maintenance of these technologies are implemented in accordance with industry-recommended best practices.

We see APIfication as a capacity of organizations. For some of our clients we provide this complete end-to-end capability, for others we guide them in the creation of said capability or an associated center of excellence, regardless of whether the tasks involve API design, API Management solution deployment, provision of Scrum development teams, or implementation of industry-specific reference architectures.

Value of integration

Integration is Chakray’s DNA and Gravitee (as an APIfication technology) is ultimately part of an integration ecosystem as well. Therefore, we employ and treat it like other technologies in our stack: as a fundamental building block for the success of companies that digitally transform themselves in a connected world, that absorb it in within their strategy and make it their own, thereby generating value.

It is critical to understand and identify where the opportunity exists to use the platform more broadly to meet the needs of the organization and deliver that business value. This can be tricky to achieve unless you have a strategical understanding the technology’s contribution and its characteristics.

Considerations about Gravitee

  • Gravitee’s open source products (API Management and Access Management) are the cornerstone of its ecosystem. However, in addition to these products, the Enterprise edition includes other additional features for business continuity and security, monitoring and API design, as well as manufacturer support via a subscription model, based on plans depending on the number of Gateways deployed.
  • Due to the criticality of the scope of a platform such as Gravitee in the operation of organizations, at Chakray we always recommend the choice of the option supported by the manufacturer, since on the one hand it will allow to have the necessary guarantees for business continuity and on the other, it provides room for improvement and sustainability of the software with the economic retribution for the aforementioned support.
  • In a Gravitee implementation, in the vast majority of cases, it will also be convenient to have DevOps and CI/CD methodologies using containerization technologies. It is easy to increase the operational cost if these disciplines and their supporting technologies are not in place,. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan the architecture, its operational deployment, and the incorporation of the methodologies. In addition, it is necessary to consider the deployment of an observability platform, and how it will be implemented.
  • As in any implementation of a core business activity management system, it must be accompanied by the adoption of a process change as an integral and not exclusively technical initiative.
  • Generating that adoption capacity is a journey. Knowing when to use the right product or capability, building skills, sharing of knowledge, and establishing a center of excellence are all tasks where Chakray can bring value through its experience and expertise.

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About Chakray

Chakray has offered specialized integration consultancy services since 2013. Our entire team is fully dedicated to the knowledge and discipline of integration. Whether they are business integration patterns, iPaaS, microservices or event streaming, we provide a connected integration mindset when solving problems for our customers. We support our clients in making the most out of and understanding the value of the technologies they are using while helping them avoid or eliminate technical debt in implementations. Whether it’s data expertise, integration, DevOps, or something specific like GDPR or data protection, we provide the right SMEs and implementation experience to help you. Our clients rely on our expertise to prevent the most common pitfalls and establish the right capabilities within their organization.

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