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Case Studies

Read success stories of businesses similar to yours who used our solutions and/or services to achieve their technology and business goals.

Case Study

CarFinance 247

CarFinance 247 adapts a digitally forward self-serve model for its platform, boosting customer experience significantly

Case Study

The Pamplona Community of Municipalities

Improves its citizens’ quality of life through its Smart City transformation.

Case Study

Miranza Group

Miranza Group improves customer experience with an integrated healthcare strategy thanks to Chakray.

Case Study

Esteve Teijin

Esteve Teijin integrate their internal IT systems to reduce overheads and improve the quality and timeliness of data.

Case Study

Research and Development organisation

Impact Management Framework with Chakray

Case Study

The Government of Africa

The Government of Africa digitizes its public services, improving the use of its data and the delivery of its services for its citizens.

Case Study

A North American Bank Transformation

A North American Bank reduced costs 8 times through its digital transformation with Chakray

Case Study


One of the most prestigious companies in the automotive sector, got a full integration of their business systems’ and a perfect connectivity between them.

Case Study


One of the world’s most prestigious universities achieves integration of more than 50 different softwares in 3 months.

Case Study

Oracle OSB

A major communications company improves the company's system functionality with a robust and scalable API management strategy.

Case Study

Europe telecommunications

A telecommunications company integrates the different systems and manages APIs, identities and accesses securely.

Case Study

Africa telecommunications

A telecommunications company utilises Telco-Connect to enhance their customer experiences through digitised products and services

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