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WSO2 provides best of breed open source Integration, API and Identity Management technology. Their technologies power outcomes for brands such as Travis Perkins and Ebay.

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WSO2 & CHAKRAY: Platinum Partner and Awards

Chakray is a Platinum partner with WSO2, working with the technology since our inception in 2013. We are recognised as one of the leading providers of services around WSO2 globally and winners of “Integration Partner of the year” award, “Top Partner of the Year – Americas” in 2021, and the “WSO2 Identity & Access Management Partner of the Year” in 2022.

We employ certified WSO2 experts in the UK, Spain, Canada, LATAM and throughout the APAC region servicing clients all over the world. Our experience in deployment of WSO2 API Management, Integration and Identity technologies is extensive and covers many major enterprise organisations and household brands. We work very closely with the team at WSO2, have run training for their customers, assisted in improving the products and are also well versed in extending the technology.

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How we help with WSO2

Ensuring you have the right technologies, deployed the right way with the right underpinning capability is crucial to a successful integration strategy. At Chakray, we help organisations to define their integration strategy, assess/select appropriate technologies and realise the value of what they deploy. We work with customers to digitise processes, modernise legacy systems through APIs and provide the foundational capability for their Digital Transformation initiatives. Whether that is classical server based implementation or using WSO2’s microservice patterns and reference architectures.

Chakray has worked with numerous customers to optimise their WSO2 implementations and reduce the ongoing TCO of their integration solutions. Our industry experience includes specific vertical solutions for Telco (TelcoConnect) and Open Banking.

A solid and effective integration strategy incorporates a set of capabilities that support it. That may include integration, API management, Event Streaming, Integration Platform as a Service, ETL tools and the roles with their associated skills to enable the technologies. Chakray can provide or help your organisation to establish the appropriate capabilities for the initiatives you need to support. Whether that is solution architecture, design, development of integrations/APIs, integration microservices or establishing your own centre of excellence for integration.

We provide the following WSO2 services:




Integration Accelerator

Managed Services / Support

Implementation / Development

Delivery / Project Management

DevOps & CI/CD for integration

Provide development teams to customers

Our relationship with WSO2 and partner status as a Value Added Reseller enables us to give customers one relationship to lean on for all their WSO2 integration needs. That includes delivering the entire solution as an end-to-end service’ with our ‘Integration as a Service’ offering.

WSO2 is a powerful technology for organisations requiring a high degree of flexibility and customisation. As such it is generally part of a centralised IT initiative or IT strategy. Organisations deploy it to address complex integration scenarios and asynchronous use cases. It is relatively low cost compared to other technologies in the market with similar capability and is frequently deployed in migrations from more expensive platforms. The microservices deployment options and reference architectures also make it popular with organisations looking for microservices enablement at relatively low cost.

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Steps to implement WSO2 in your company

Through this guide you will be able to not only identify your real integration needs, but also learn the necessary steps to successfully implement WSO2.

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Why WSO2?

WSO2 provides a feature set that has the capability to support 100% of integration scenarios. It provides complete coverage of industry recognised Enterprise Integration Patterns, which is why it is so popular for organisations looking at migration paths from more expensive technologies. The flexible deployment options and ability to deploy integrations and APIs as microservices make it highly robust and scalable in implementation. It also makes the technology relatively straightforward to port across cloud vendors allowing customers to avoid infrastructure vendor lock in.

With open source roots and battle tested underpinning technology like Apache Synapse, WSO2 offers a very low barrier to entry for organisations with integration needs. Our long standing close business relationship and global expertise with WSO2 enables our customers to leverage the very best that the technology has to offer.

Core Products: WSO2 API Manager, Enterprise Integration and Identity Server

WSO2 has a multi-product suite of tools covering a range of integration requirements.

API Manager

The WSO2 API Manager is the number 1 open-source hybrid API management platform, recognised as a leader by Forrester. It is enterprise-grade and can be deployed for on-premise, cloud or hybrid architectures. The product offers full API lifecycle management including :-

  • Exposing APIs internally and externally
  • API design and governance
  • API security and policy enforcement
  • API monetisation
  • API analytics

The API Manager also has microservices compatibility with the microgateway, simplifying the process of creating, deploying and securing APIs in a microservices architecture.

Enterprise Integrator

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is a leading open source integration platform providing:

  • Graphical & CLI tooling
  • 100% support of Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Integrations runtimes that support
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Streaming data processor
  • Microservices integrator
  • Monitoring

The product can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, hybrid or through container orchestration platforms like Docker and Kubernetes. Its broad coverage of enterprise features and deployment options makes it popular for a range of enterprise scenarios including service oriented architecture, complex asynchronous processes, ESB migrations and microservices architecture.

Identity & Access Management

WSO2 Identity Server provides an API driven open source IAM and CIAM solution. It is a highly extensible platform for the federation, authentication and management of identities across an organisation. It provides features to support:

  • Enterprise/Cloud Single Sign-On and Federation
  • Strong Authentication
  • Account management and Identity provisioning
  • Access Control
  • API Security and Microservices Security
  • Monitoring, Reporting and Auditing
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • Pluggable, Extensible and Themable


Choreo is a Digital Platform as a Service (DPaaS) used for developing, publishing, monitoring, and managing APIs.

The product offers:

  • Supports low-code and pro-code
  • Inclusive cloud-native engineering
  • Supports rapid development
  • Marketplace & developer portal
  • Unique developer experience
  • Deep observability
  • Security and governance

Our Approach

For many of our customers, their first engagement with us is through an Integration Accelerator. This fixed cost & low friction engagement enables organisations to quickly prove out the value of implementing WSO2. We help organisations plan their WSO2 adoption, define the right architecture to bring the technology into, understand their ownership cost and optimise their consumption.

The flexibility WSO2 has in deployment terms can provide significant opportunities for organisations to leverage containerisation technologies like Docker and Kubernetes to optimise their operating costs. Our DevOps and CI/CD practice works with customers to ensure that the deployment and maintenance of those technologies are implemented according to industry best practices.

We see integration as an organisation capability. For some of our customers we provide their complete end-to-end capability, for others we guide them in building their capability or associated centre of excellence. Whether it is development of integration, design of APIs, deployment of API Facades, provision of scrum development teams or deployment of industry specific reference architectures in Healthcare, Open Banking or Telco, Chakray can help.

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WSO2 Considerations

As with any commercial open source technology, we always recommend that organisations engage in a supported subscription version of the technology. If it is critical to your business operation, then you need support, which in turn empowers the vendor to continue to deliver a creative and aggressive roadmap for improvement and sustainability. Specifically with WSO2, interim security patches and updates are only available with a valid and current WSO2 subscription.

It is likely in any WSO2 implementation that DevOps and CI/CD will be a core consideration, especially when deploying a microservice pattern or using container technologies. In the absence of these disciplines and their supporting technologies it is easy for operational costs to scale. It’s important to carefully plan your architecture, its operational deployment and then bring the technology into that. Organisations also need to consider where an observability platform needs to fit and how it gets deployed.

Building integration capability is a journey. Knowing when to employ the right product or capability, building the skills, knowledge sharing and establishing a centre of excellence are all things Chakray can help with.

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About Chakray

Chakray has been a niche integration consultancy since 2013. Our entire team lives and breathes the body of knowledge and discipline of Integration. Whether it is Enterprise Integration Patterns, IPaaS, Microservices or Event Streaming we bring a connected integration mindset to the table when we solve problems for our customers. We help our customers best leverage and realise the value of the technologies they are engaging whilst helping them avoid or eliminate technical debt in implementations. Whether it is data expertise, integration, DevOps or something specific like GDPR or data protection, we bring the right SMEs and experience in implementation to assist. Our customers lean on our experience to avoid the common pitfalls and establish the right capabilities within their organisation.

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