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Boomi provides IPaaS technology built around a connector based pricing model. Recognised by Gartner as a leader in this space, Boomi is trusted by brands such as Sky and 23andMe.

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Chakray: Your trusted Boomi Partner

Chakray is a Systems Integrator partner with Boomi. For many years now, Boomi has been considered a consistent leader for analysts in the Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) market. Our partnership with Boomi enables us to provide customers with certified Boomi professionals in the UK, Spain, Canada, LATAM, Africa and APAC regions. We help customers globally to best leverage their investment in Boomi including solution architecture, design and implementation of integration processes, deployment of Boomi API Management capabilities and other platform capabilities like Boomi Flow, Boomi DCP and Boomi MDM.

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Whether you’re connecting applications and data, migrating to the cloud, or working on a data science initiative, we can provide a customized demo for you!

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How we help with Boomi

Ensuring you have the right technologies, deployed the right way with the right underpinning capability is crucial to a successful integration strategy. At Chakray, as a trusted Boomi Partner, we help organisations to define their integration strategy, assess/select appropriate technologies and realise the value of what they deploy. We work with customers to digitise processes, modernise legacy systems through APIs and provide the foundational capability for their Digital Transformation initiatives.

We see integration as an organisational capability that underpins an associated integration strategy. We help organisations to establish this capability, validate their technologies or approach, develop integration processes, build APIs and deliver integration initiatives with the Boomi Atomsphere platform. This may be through Chakray’s own Integration Centre of Excellence (ICoE) or through a ICoE we help the organisation to establish themselves.

We provide the following Boomi services:

  • Boomi Training

    As a Boomi partner, we provide in-depth, interactive training sessions to master the Boomi platform. Our expert trainers ensure a practical understanding of the platform for your team.

  • Design

    Crafting tailored solutions, we optimise operational efficiency and facilitate seamless integration between systems, specifically designed to meet your company's unique needs.

  • Architecture

    Our architects build robust, scalable structures for smooth integration, ensuring coherence and security across every facet of your IT infrastructure.

  • Integration Accelerator

    Our Integration Accelerator offers a quick and cost-effective way for organisations to demonstrate the value of implementing Boomi.

  • Boomi Managed Services / Boomi Support

    We provide 24/7 Boomi support and managed services for trouble-free operation. Our teams offer instant issue resolution and proactive maintenance, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Boomi Implementation / Development

    We translate your business needs into tangible solutions using Boomi, ensuring a complete and effective Boomi implementation.

  • Delivery / Project Management

    Our project managers oversee every phase, ensuring on-time deliveries, within budget, and maintaining high-quality standards from conception to final delivery.

Boomi Atomsphere platform and Support

The Boomi Atomsphere platform of technologies enables organisations to meet the needs of both major digital transformation initiatives and functional departments like HR, Marketing and Finance where SaaS initiatives often drive integration initiatives. The more technical certifications available through Boomi make it a tool for skilled integration resources. However, it can also be used by administrators and power users of systems like, Workday and Microsoft Dynamics. However, these more tactical use cases do not make it a less strategic tool for an organisation.

Boomi’s support for all of the core integration patterns enables Chakray to deploy it centrally for customers to satisfy the needs of enterprise architects and in replacing legacy approaches that take a lot of time to deliver. The technology platform is an excellent bridge between legacy modernisation and SaaS/Cloud implementations.

Discover how our Boomi services can meet all your business needs. Talk to our experts!

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Certified Boomi licence provider

Looking for a Boomi licence or need to renew your existing licence?

At Chakray, as certified Boomi licence providers, we recognize that seamless connectivity is paramount in today's business landscape.

  • We offer Boomi licences tailored to your enterprise, allowing you to start small and scale as needed.
  • We excel in our personalised consultation process, identifying your specific needs, from the number of systems you want to connect to your requirements for APIs, Master Data Management, and electronic data interchange capabilities.
  • With Chakray by your side, you not only get Boomi licences but also a dedicated partner providing continuous support and expert guidance, optimising your business operations.

Talk to our experts about Boomi licenses

Would you like to get a new Boomi licence or renew the one you already have? We can help you, contact us!

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The Agnostic Integration Framework

Find out in this guide how Chakray can help your organisation identify and adopt the capabilities you need to achieve your digital potential.

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Why Boomi?

As an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), As an iPaaS, Boomi has a number of unique benefits for businesses looking for seamless connectivity:

  • Boomi's Fast Time to Value

    One of the key advantages we see with Boomi is in its fast time to value. We believe this is the cornerstone of its pervasiveness in the market and why Boomi is able to boast over 11000 customers in deployment. A vast suite of popular SaaS and technology connectors and strategic technology acquisitions (ManyWho/Flow, Unifi/DCP) that continually add to the platform feature set keep the product relevant in the market.

  • Boomi's Investment in Intelligent Integration

    Boomi has also invested heavily over the past couple of years in developing its AI capabilities, building on the work it had already done with Boomi Suggest leveraging the collective intelligence of the Boomi community.

  • Boomi's Strength in Support

    Boomi’s large community and support capability coupled with its now open source connector framework enables another layer of innovation. This also helps to instill buyer confidence in how battle hardened and road tested the technology features are, as does the simple, affordable and predictable pricing structure around it.

  • Boomi's Deployability On-Premise and in the Cloud

    With agents (Atoms) deployable both on-premise and in the cloud, customers have control over where their integrations are transacted, how available they are and how they scale. In very high volume scenarios, we can also deploy Boomi in conjunction with event streaming technologies like Apache/Confluent Kafka.

Boomi Platform

Boomi’s core product capabilities are:

  • Boomi Master Data Hub

    Boomi Master Data Hub empowers organisations to centralise and enrich their data with precision and speed. By providing a unified view of data across the enterprise, it ensures consistency and accuracy, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on reliable information.

  • Boomi Integration

    Boomi Integration simplifies the complex task of connecting applications, data, technologies and processes. Experience accelerated connectivity through pre-built integrations, allowing you to focus on creativity while intelligent integration and automation manage maintenance.

  • EDI Management/B2B

    Boomi EDI Management/B2B facilitates the secure exchange of data via electronic data interchange (EDI), optimising supply chain processes and ensuring smooth communication with partners, suppliers and customers.

  • Boomi Data Catalog & Preparation

    Boomi Data Catalog & Preparation offers a user-friendly interface to visually explore and prepare organisational data. It simplifies the process of discovering relevant data, making data cleansing and transformation intuitive. This tool empowers users to convert raw data into valuable insights, driving intelligent decision-making.

  • Boomi API Management

    Boomi API Management provides comprehensive control over Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It enables businesses to design, deploy, monitor, secure and manage APIs, ensuring seamless connectivity between applications and enabling the creation of innovative services.

  • Boomi Flow

    Boomi Flow empowers organisations to create automated workflows and engaging customer experiences. It simplifies the design and execution of complex business processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity. By delivering personalised and interactive customer journeys, Boomi Flow enriches customer interactions, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Boomi Connectors

Boomi provides a wide range of connectors that facilitate the integration process. Connectors in Boomi are pre-built interfaces that simplify the process of connecting to various applications and data sources.


Boomi's Salesforce Connector bridges the gap between Salesforce applications and various ecosystems, effortlessly integrating core platforms, payment gateways, branch applications, customer service systems, web portals and public APIs.

More about Salesforce Integration

Oracle Netsuite

The Boomi Connector for NetSuite streamlines business operations by integrating NetSuite with various applications, ensuring real-time data synchronisation, improving efficiency and enabling informed decision making.


Boomi integration establishes connections between your third-party systems and data with SAP, utilising a cloud-based digital platform that is agnostic and enterprise-class.


Boomi Connector for AWS facilitates data integration and sharing, streamlining cloud-based workflows.

In addition to the above, at Chakray we are experts in making custom connectors, guaranteeing integration solutions designed specifically for your company's needs.

Get help with Boomi enterprise connectors

At Chakray, we don't just master pre-built connectors; we also excel at creating custom connectors, ensuring integration solutions designed specifically for your company's unique needs. Contact us today!

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our approach

For many of our customers, their first engagement with us is through an Integration Accelerator.
  • This fixed cost & low friction engagement enables organisations to quickly prove the value of implementing Boomi.

  • We do this, helping customers select meaningful use cases that demonstrate return on investment early.

  • Employing a value based approach is important.

Boomi’s flexibility and coverage of use cases enable us to separate out point solutions of meaningful value from more strategic initiatives where API facades and business object models may well be more appropriate. It’s important to recognise the difference without ignoring the value of being tactical to deliver business value where appropriate. Starting locally, departmentally or tactically is perfectly acceptable as long as care is taken to ensure that the correct data architecture is in place to support these approaches.

Boomi is a technology that can be used tactically but really should be positioned strategically within the organisation. It is important to understand and identify where opportunity presents to use the Boomi platform more broadly to meet organisational needs and deliver business value. This is difficult if you haven’t already understood and positioned the platform and its features strategically.

We see integration as an organisation capability. For some of our customers we provide their complete end-to-end capability, for others we guide them in building their capability or associated centre of excellence. Whether it is development of integration, design of APIs, deployment of API facades, provision of scrum development teams or deployment of industry specific solutions.

Boomi Pricing and Costs

Boomi offers flexible pricing options that can meet your expectations, whether you're a startup or an established enterprise. With four distinct tiers—Professional, Pro Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus—Chakray will help you choose the plan that best suits your specific integration needs.

  • Each Boomi pricing plan includes a host of features such as state-of-the-art workflow capabilities, multiple environments for testing and deployment, secure data transfer that adheres to crucial industry standards, and much more.
  • Whether you're interested in procuring integration, API management, workflow automation, EDI, or event-driven, real-time data processing, Chakray as an official Boomi partner can provide the support and maintenance services you need. We ensure that your integration processes run smoothly, maximising the value of your investment.

Click here for a more comprehensive overview of Boomi's pricing options so that you can take the best course of action for your business.

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Ready to transform your business with Boomi integration?

Contact us today for a detailed, obligation-free quote

Our experts will assess your requirements and provide you with a personalised Boomi pricing plan that perfectly suits your needs. By partnering with Chakray, you will achieve excellence in connectivity, as well as a clear understanding of your integration costs, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

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Boomi Considerations

Boomi Atmosphere is a platform of capabilities. Many of the considerations we have highlighted so far are specifically related to integration.

  • Broader use of Boomi Flow for customer journeys

    DCP to visualise your organisational data or Boomi MDM to steward master data will bring other considerations to the table.

  • How much of the platform you adopt and where/when its adoption is appropriate should be an ongoing consideration

    With such broad features, the platform capabilities need to be regarded holistically. As with integration, assessment of the suitability of a platform feature for any given scenario should be value based. 

Non functional requirements are also an important consideration especially where a service is delivered as one platform. Does it meet the organisation’s needs for availability, scalability and data residency? As a bridge between cloud and on-premise systems, connectivity requirements and Atom/Molecule deployment are equally important. Most initial teething issues proving out IPaaS technologies are related to connectivity issues. These issues often lead organisations to assume the platform isn’t capable where a firewall or some other access technology is ultimately at fault.

The ease of use of API Management features within the platform can also lead to a failure in organisations to plan their API deployments properly. Organisations need to properly consider developer needs when exposing APIs for consumption to internal development teams. It’s common to think just functionally when designing APIs, rather than considering how they will be consumed as products or what they enable.

Building integration capability is a journey. Knowing when to employ the right product or capability, building the skills, knowledge sharing and establishing a centre of excellence are all things Chakray, as a Boomi Partner, can help with.

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about chakray

Chakray has been a specialized integration consultancy since 2013. Our entire team is dedicated to the knowledge and discipline of integration.

Connected Integration Solutions

Enterprise integration patterns, IPaaS, microservices or Event Streaming, we bring a connected integration mindset when solving problems for our customers

Optimizing Technology Investments

We help our clients to get the most out of and understand the value of the technologies they are using while helping them avoid or eliminate technical debt in implementations

Expertise for every Challenge

Whether it's data expertise, integration, DevOps or something specific like GDPR or data protection, we bring the right SMEs and implementation expertise to help you.

Our clients rely on our expertise to avoid the most common pitfalls and establish the right capabilities within their organization.

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