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Boomi for Retail: how to optimise your consumer sales ecosystem and customer experience

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Today’s customers expect seamless service regardless of channel, device or location, but delivering a seamless omnichannel experience is not an easy task to accomplish. The central part of this challenge is data. In order to guide the omnichannel shopper journey, data needs to be shared and coordinated across the entire retail ecosystem.

In this whitepaper we tell you how to improve the customer experience, optimize inventory management, accelerate order fulfillment and streamline B2B (business to business) transactions with the Boomi solution in the retail industry.

To do this, we will talk about the the following subject:

  • The 5 main challenges in the retail sector.
  • How the Boomi approach solves these challenges.
  • Why should Boomi be used in Retail and what does Boomi offer to retailers?

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