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There are many ways to achieve your intended outcomes when it comes to advancing the digital agility of your organisation.

Each approach has characteristics that will be strengths and weaknesses when viewed through the lens of your own situation. Chakray can provide the expertise you need to help identify and implement the correct approach to meet your objectives.

Core Integration Capabilities

The following list is a selection of our most requested capabilities from transforming companies today.

API Management 

Tools and capability to control and govern your API estate and the lifecycle of those APIs.

  • API consumption at scale 
  • Agility through APIs 


A low code cloud based service for integration of on-premise and cloud/SaaS technologies

  • Fast Time to Value
  • Low TCO


Services built around business capabilities with minimum centralised management

  • Highly scalable & resilient
  • Decouple legacy systems

Event Streaming 

The capture and persistence of data events in real-time from numerous event sources.

  • Real-time data analytics 
  • Dynamic, agile data services 

DevOps & CI/CD 

Enables automated deployment, integration and infrastructure builds within an organisation

  • Increased flexibility and agility 
  • Faster delivery cycles 

Identity & Access Management 

Provides administrators with the ability to manage digital identities throughout their lifecycle

  • Improved customer/user experience
  • Increased security and visibility 

Integration as a Service (managed service) 

The provision of an integration or API solution as a complete end-to-end service

  • Predictable costs
  • Turn-key integration capability 


Large implementations of service oriented enterprise integration patterns and services

  • Standardised platform for integration
  • Reusability and Interoperability 

When you are evaluating cost, complexity, capability or agility. It is clear that there is no single integration paradigm or technology that is a panacea. As a purist integration specialist, Chakray is able to work with you to understand your as-is and to-be states and map that to an integration capability approach that fits you best.

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The Chakray Integration Framework

Find out more about the complete toolkit of integration capability that digitally advanced organisations are using today to provide market leading experiences to their users.

In this guide we’ll explore more how Chakray can help your organisation identify and adopt the capabilities you need to reach your digital potential.

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