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The Agnostic Integration Framework

Ebook Information

The following ebook details Chakray’s rationale behind an Agnostic Integration Framework. Based around Gartner’s Hybrid Integration Platform, the intent of the framework is to provide a reference point for organisations looking to build a strategy for integration and navigate the various markets of integration technology.

This ebook will help readers position where an Agnostic Integration Framework fits within their integration strategy or overall approach in the organisation to solving connected digital business problems. It should also help organisations to rationalise some of the choices they have already made.

Find out in this Ebook what you should know about Integration. You will learn about:

  • Hybrid Integration Platform
  • Agnostic Integration Framework
  • HIP Thinking
  • The Four Dimensions of a Hybrid Integration Platform
  • Integration approach and value
  • Integration Approach and Operational Cost

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