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API Management: How to make your business grow with open source APIs

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Are you thinking about how to boost the growth of your business? If you want to bet on an innovative (and winning) strategy, include Open APIs in your company!

Large companies such as BBVA and VISA are already benefiting from these, and see in the Open APIs a successful way to increase their income, thanks to the better knowledge they have of their customers, which favors their satisfaction.

Whether you are a member of an IT team or a marketer, this guide will become your best ally when it comes to establishing future expansion and growth strategies.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • What is an Open Source API
  • How to grow your business with Open APIs
  • Success stories BBVA and VISA
  • What is API Management
  • What is a Marketplace API
  • WSO2 API Manager: a must have in your business strategy

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