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7 reasons why you should choose Boomi

Why Boomi

The arrival of Covid-19 has accelerated the transition of many human activities from the real world to digital environments that can be accessible to everyone, regardless of location. This is most clearly identified in businesses and academic organizations that had to continue their operations digitally during the pandemic. To help us with this transition, we have Boomi, which makes our life easier in these difficult times. In this article we are going to give you 7 reasons that will make you choose Boomi versus other platforms in the market.

Boomi is a platform that integrates and helps to develop digital processes across disparate systems. It basically provides process management capability using digital as a vehicle for integration.

What is Boomi?

Boomi was created in 2001 and it’s an integration platform, also known as an IPaaS, that is based in the cloud. It allows companies to easily integrate applications, databases, partners and customers. We can use the following analogy to exemplify the functions that  Boomi allows us to do in the technology world. 

Some time ago, if we wanted to take a photograph, we used a camera, if we wanted to send a message, we used a fax machine, if we wanted to make a call, we used a telephone.

Instead, a few years later, the mobile phone came into our lives to integrate all the services above making it much more effective to take a photo, send a message and make a call, all using one single device!

We can now relate that example to the services that the Boomi platform provides, as it integrates the various functions of a company in one single place. That’s in part thanks to the storage in the cloud that allows us to have full optimization of the business procedures.

Why should you choose Boomi for your organisation? Benefits of Boomi

Now that we have managed to explain what Boomi is, let’s talk about the advantages and benefits, and why you should choose Boomi for your organisation.  Here are the 7 reasons why:

1.     Easy and fast integration: visual UI and low code platform.

Ease of integration is one of the main benefits of Boomi, as the platform offers a large collection of tools such as pre-built connectors, process libraries and crowd-sourced guidance for data mapping. Flexible deployment is one of its added advantages, as Boomi is an on-demand integration solution where you can choose the integration pattern that best suits your business.

Boomi is described by its users as an intuitive platform that enables simplified integrations. This is possible because Boomi pioneered the low-code revolution with its drag-and-drop interface that eliminates the need for coding and grants its integrations greater speed and flexibility. So, if you’re looking for a solution that allows IT to move quickly and deliver projects cost-effectively and rapidly, Boomi is the ultimate choice.

2.     Unified Platform. 

Boomi allows organisations to connect people, processes, applications, data and devices so they can engage everywhere in a unique and unified platform.

It also allows you to catalogue your data as well as synchronizing it, integrate myriad applications, databases, devices within your company. Another characteristic is the extension of connectivity across your business ecosystem. It supports all core connectivity, EDI, and API management tasks, along with comprehensive master data management for ensuring data quality. You can access trusted data anytime, anywhere and on any device benefiting from updates automatically. 

Unified Dell Boomi Platform

Figure 1. Unified Boomi Platform.

 Resource: Boomi iPaaS Solutions & Tools for Cloud Connected Business

3.     Intelligent Platform. 

Each organisation will be able to manage their process better and improve their profitability, since less time will be needed to carry out management activities and better results will be obtained. Boomi provides suggestions to make every user more efficient and effective. It provides a centralized source of intelligence which collects billions of other customer insights, offering a “crowd source feature” which provides intelligence back to platform consumers. Some of them include:

  • Automated Data Mapping
  • Automated Connector Configuration
  • Simplified Error Resolution
  • Automated Regression Testing

4.     Excellent Data Quality and management. 

The business data of your company can be analysed in one application, allowing you to break down departmental barriers as well as any confidential information. You will also be investing in a platform that will drive down costs and accelerate customer engagements. The  Boomi platform provides an integrated overview of data management to get a transparent and secure view of data flow between different systems and applications. Some of the important features of data management include centralized data quality, data governance, real-time bi-directional data flow, comprehensive analytics, and simplified integration mapping. This is another important factor of why Boomi is used by businesses all over the world.

5.     Full stack Security. 

The platform has a three-tier (network & facilities infrastructure, application and platform layer, and the data level) full stack security framework on the on-premises and on the cloud service. With the following security considerations, the iPaaS platform ensures that your enterprise data is fully protected from any possible threat.

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6.     Best cloud native architecture. 

Boomi platform possesses all the benefits of the cloud, that includes scalability, high availability, built-in redundancy among others. The advantage of not having on-premises hardware helps to connect your company more efficiently. 

The platform provides ready-to-use cloud solutions with easy drag-and-drop functions for any sort of integrations so users can begin to create integrations as soon as possible and access them at any time from anywhere. 

7.     Market leadership. 

Boomi has been the market leader in the integration platform as a service market for over 10 years, continuing to maintain its position. Customers worldwide use Boomi to reduce IT spend, improve efficiency, and raise it’s customers satisfaction.

Boomi has also been recognised as a leader by both Gartner and Forrester:

  • Forrester ranked the Boomi AtomSphere Platform in three of the integration segments: Enterprise iPaaS, iPaaS for Citizen Integration, and Connected Intelligence Integration.
  • Gartner has for the eighth consecutive year positioned Boomi as a leader in Enterprise iPaaS, where it has been recognised for its market understanding, marketing strategy and traction, pricing, product roadmap, vertical industry strategy, among others.


The 7 points above are some of the reasons that Boomi should be considered as the right business solution for your organisation. It comes as a complete integration solution, with the latest cloud technologies as well as with the right security for your data. 

There is a reason why Boomi is trusted by brands such Sky and 23andMe, do not wait to experience it yourself too!

If you think your organisation needs to integrate Boomi and want to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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