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Configuring Apache Kafka with Dell Boomi

Ebook Information

Dell Boomi is an industry leading iPaaS solution. It has connectors which enable you to integrate a Boomi app with third-party APIs, databases, and standard integration protocols.

We are going to discuss one of the Boomi Connectors, Apache Kafka, which enables you to interact with the Apache Kafka messaging system. It provides seamless integration between your Boomi applications and Apache Kafka brokers using the Boomi runtime engine (i.e. an Atom). This allows the developer to publish and consume messages on Apache Kafka topics from within their Boomi applications.

Find out in this Ebook how to configure Apache Kafka with Dell Boomi. You will learn about:

  • Components we require for the setup
  • Publish a message using Kafka Produce and get it subscribed using Kafka Consume.
  • Overall Architecture: Associated Use Cases
  • Apache Kafka Connector configuration
  • Process Flow to publish and consume a message
  • Testing to confirm E2E Process Flow

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