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One of the most famous companies in the automotive sector, got a full integration of their business systems’ and a perfect connectivity between them.

The challenge

Integration tools tend to be used to make different system components connect with each other, with the goal of solving a problem. However, it may so happen that each of these modules may have been written using different technologies or programming languages. 

When faced with this situation, companies need to study which integration alternatives they have at their disposal, as our client’s company did.

The solution was more than obvious, so this automotive company opted for a middleware such as WSO2, which would significantly simplify the interaction between components. 

Solutions/Technologies used to make this project a big success

  • WSO2 API Manager 
  • WSO2 Identity Server (IS)
  • WSO2 API Publisher and Store
  • WSO2 ESB
  • WSO2 Message Broker
  • Nginx 

Get to know firsthand the problems and events that arose during the implementation, the WSO2 modules that were installed, and many other surprises.

It is sure to help you when the time comes to get started with system integration, and will encourage you to implement it in your company. Discover the great advantages that this Open Source platform can offer you and your organization.

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