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Esteve Teijin

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Esteve Teijin Healthcare specialise in home-based health therapies. It is a joint venture between Esteve Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical sector leader in Spain, and Teijin, a Japanese corporation focussed on health and technology.

Esteve Teijin Healthcare has around 60 patient care points and 4 logistics centres, serving more than 58,000 patients with high ethical and quality standards. Esteve Teijin evolved into a leading organisation establishing itself as a strong competitor to the big brands within the European Health sector.

The challenge

Esteve Teijin Healthcare needed to successfully integrate their internal IT systems in order to reduce the overhead of administration, infrastructure and management operations. There was also a need to improve the quality and timeliness of data to enhance decision making whilst also keeping costs to a minimum. The main applications and sources of truth were the SAP ERP system, the line of business application called ET Service & Logistics, and a variety of backend databases.

Solution/technology used to make this project a big success

  • WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

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