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The Pamplona Community of Municipalities

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Mancomunidad de Pamplona Case Study -ENG

The Pamplona Community of Municipalities improves its citizens’ quality of life through its Smart City transformation with the help of Chakray

In the last few years, many cities have found a great ally in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), thus giving rise to Smart Cities with the objective of providing them with infrastructures that enable them to identify both challenges and opportunities. The Pamplona Community of Municipalities was one of them, as it sought to design a Smart City technological strategy to provide citizens with intelligent and transversal services, and ultimately improve their quality of life.

The Pamplona Community of Municipalities immediately recognised the role that Smart Cities could play for their community (made up of 50 municipalities and 179 councils) as they could achieve a reduction in time to market, facilitate decision making, streamline business processes and results. Therefore, they invited Chakray to join this project, to provide them with a business integration platform that would enable all of the above.

During 2019, the Pamplona Community of Municipalities had various actors requesting data and access to services from other areas/ departments for analysis or applications in a heterogeneous way, for which they needed ad hoc developments for each case.

Felipe Alonso Rodriguez (Director of Information Technologies of the Pamplona Community of Municipalities) and Fermín Ibiricu Uhalte (Information Technology Project Manager) were very clear that their organisation needed to adopt a methodology for the generation and control of APIs that would generate the expected value as a hub provider of technological services for multiple systems used for the integrated management of water, waste, transportation, and climate change of the community in a scalable way.

The business integration platform was to be based primarily on data consolidation. In other words, it was to enable:

  • Open information containers
  • Data flow throughout the organization
  • Accuracy of data
  • loT data consolidation/Business Intelligence/AI

Therefore, this project not only seeks to improve the quality of life of local citizens, but also to improve the management of the IT equipment of the Pamplona Community of Municipalities, and to improve communication, data collection and make the various service areas (specifically transport, water, and waste) more efficient.

Technology used to make this project a big success

  • WSO2
  • Nginx
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Grafana
  • Active MQ
  • Git
  • Nexus repository

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