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Spanish company dedicated to wireless broadcasting telecommunications services and infrastructure, and a leading operator within this sector in Europe. 

The challenge

The company offers several solutions by way of Smartcity projects to their clients within the public administration sector, and each of these projects has its own unique needs:

  • Integrating different systems;
  • Presenting and managing APIs;
  • Managing identities and access; and
  • Complying with security requirements, high availability, connecting with several data sources, among others. 

Each of these projects has different actors and parties involved, as well as the need for an expert on each of the above-mentioned factors, whom it would be impossible for the company to maintain as permanent staff. 

For this reason, they hired Chakray in order to carry out multiple projects within this business area.

Solutions/technologies used to make this project a big success

  • WSO2 API Manager
  • WSO2 Identity Server
  • WSO2 DAS
  • WSO2 BPS
  • WSO2 Analytics

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