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Europe telecommunications

A telecommunications company integrates the different systems and manages APIs, identities and accesses securely.

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Europe telecommunications


Spanish company dedicated to wireless broadcasting telecommunications services and infrastructure, and a leading operator within this sector in Europe.

The company’s activities can be broken down into four main areas: infrastructure services for telecommunications, audio-visual broadcasting networks, security and emergency network services, and solutions for smart infrastructure and urban service management (smart cities and IoT).

The client is listed on the Spanish continuous stock exchange and is part of the IBEX35 and EuroStoxx 600.

Europe telecommunications

Completed Projects

The company offers several solutions by way of Smartcity projects to their clients within the public administration sector, and each of these projects has its own unique needs:

  • Integrating different systems;
  • Presenting and managing APIs;
  • Managing identities and access;
  • Complying with security requirements, high availability, connecting with several data sources, among others.

Each of these projects has different actors and parties involved, as well as the need for an expert on each of the above-mentioned factors, whom it would be impossible for the company to maintain as permanent staff.

For this reason, they hired Chakray in 2018 in order to carry out multiple projects within this business area.

The services offered by Chakray were:

  • Technology consulting
  • Implementing, configuring and presenting WSO2 products
  • DevOps: clustering and containerization
  • Question and problem solving
  • Development and integration
  • Customizing features for system integration.
Europe telecommunications

The Solution

Several technologies that assisted in the development of the activity were employed during the completion of the different services offered to the client:

  • WSO2 API Manager
  • WSO2 Identity Server
  • WSO2 DAS
  • WSO2 BPS
  • WSO2 Analytics

Amongst the requirements they received, some of the most significant actions were:

  • Implementing Workflows and integration with emailing through WSO2 BPS
  • Customization of the WSO2 API Manager’s Look&Feel
  • Customization of JWT tokens by tier
  • Migration to current versions and optimizing previous implementations carried out by other companies, such as the separation of tenants in an existing multi-tenant installation.

Although each different completed project’s objectives could vary, the common objectives were:

  • Allowing for user registration
  • Having an admin approve the requested operations through the platform
  • Informing the backend of additional data according to the selected tier.

The following graphs show the state of the platform before and after the tenant separation:



Europe telecommunications

The Outcomes

Throughout the life cycle of the different projects, Chakray engineers integrated themselves as part of the client’s team, even working together with other providers. They held a close relationship with continued support throughout the different stages of each project, and maintained constant communication with the personnel in charge of the project, its infrastructure, and its security, etc.

The client’s satisfaction is reflected in their recurrent hiring of our services on similar projects since 2018, thanks to the objectives reached, the deadlines met, and the high quality of the result.

Throughout the project’s development, some challenges came about. The intervention of other supplier companies and the participation of other departments limited our comprehensive visibility, although these interventions were timely and specific. Because of this situation, the scope or planning of activities and their dependencies were occasionally changed during the life cycle of the project.

Thanks to the Chakray team’s high levels of experience and knowledge, to their flexibility in facing these challenges and changes, and to the whole teamwork of all parties involved, we were able to fulfil the objectives of each and every one of the projects we participated in.

Taking into consideration our experience with Chakray, which has been entirely satisfactory, and their high-level professionals across all IT systems integration areas, we believe that they are the perfect choice when it comes to offering consulting, implementation, development and creation services within the WSO2 platform.

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