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CONNECTED HEALTHCARE: Open Interoperability Solutions

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The healthcare system is complex and highly fragmented. Insufficient or untimely data in a fragmented system can lead to serious medical errors that can cost lives. Sharing accurate and up-to-date patient information can mitigate this risk.

It is only through leveraging the latest technologies that it becomes possible to meet a constant expectation to deliver better outcomes in faster times at an improved cost.

Integration and Interoperability are the cornerstones of digital transformation. The benefits resulting from having interoperating information systems in healthcare are significant for all stakeholders.

Discover in this downloadable what you should know about the Connected Healthcare. You will learn:

  • The importance of IT interoperability within healthcare
  • A reference architecture
  • The value of WSO2 solutions to the health sector will be explained
  • Managed Services -iPaas
  • In addition, a case study of Chakray’s success in the health sector will be presented.

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