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Junior Developer – Spain

About the role

You will be responsible for developing the functionalities, applications, and APIs assigned by architects and/or Project Managers. This will usually be done under the SCRUM methodology, although not necessarily.

It will be your responsibility to understand and/or learn the necessary technologies, languages, and tools to successfully complete your assignments.

The company will provide the space and sufficient learning resources to complete your training.Your initial task will be to certify yourself in some of the solutions the company uses, in order to demonstrate during your probationary period that you can develop using them. After the probationary period, you will be assigned to a project.

 Technical requirements

  • Sufficient English proficiency to work in a 100% English-speaking environment.
  • Availability to work on-site in projects abroad, usually for periods of 3 to 6 months per year.

About you

Highly Valued Experiences or Knowledge:

  • SOAP and REST Web Services
  • Integration Solutions (WSO2, Fuse, Camel, or similar)

Valued Experiences or Knowledge:

  • SCRUM, CI/CD, Git, Docker/K8s, Clouds, Linux, testing
  • Previous experience in similar roles

What We Offer

  • A competitive salary based on your skills and experience
  • Professional development within an international organization with a presence in Europe, LATAM, Africa, and Asia Pacific.
  • Flexibility in the workplace.
  • Opportunities to work with a wide range of clients from any continent.
  • Continuous professional development through internal training and sector-recognized certifications.
  • Being part of an organization that values its employees.

About us

We are a niche global consultancy. Our interest is in integration and in solving connected business problems. We don’t implement the applications we connect for customers. We amplify their value to the business by making them relevant to other applications, systems and services within the organisations. We work with organisations of all sizes, helping them to select, deploy and operate the right fit integration technologies to meet the challenges they face. We focus on ensuring that our customers adopt solutions and capabilities that best meet their integration needs.

We are technology agnostic in that we will work with any technology our customer needs us to work with. We are pragmatic in terms of the choices we make in partnering with technology vendors. Whether it is proprietary or open source, Azure or AWS, cloud or on-premise… what we deliver is what we believe delivers the right value for the customer.

The strength of any consultancy business is its people. Valuing our people and their careers is fundamental in developing the strength of our brand in the market. We are striving as an organisation to continually aspire to be the best version of Chakray we can be and we see that as an ongoing journey, not a destination.

Not right for you?

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals. Whether you are interested in joining Chakray now, or maybe in the future, we always recommend you get in touch and let us know today.

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