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WSO2 IS: How to use the TOTP (Time-Based One Time Password) API

What is Time-Based One Time Password (TOTP) TOTP means time based one-time password, and is a common form of two-factor authentication Unique numeric passwords are generated with an algorithm that uses the current time as the input Time-based passwords expire, and therefore offer greater security

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Zero Trust: your system much more secure

Experts are now talking about a new paradigm in cloud security: along with the advancement of technology, the way in which we need to protect our company, data and employees has also evolved Zero

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How to disable users on WSO2 Identity Server

Identity management that is both efficient and secure is key to an enterprise organization that faces a constant increase in the number of users and IT resources at its disposal With WSO2 Identity

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WSO2 Identity Server Tutorial: IS y Analytics (Part I)

Welcome to the new post of the section WSO2 Identity Server! In the first part of this tutorial we will learn the following: Introduction On this blog, we will navigate through the Identity Server

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Cybersecurity in digital transformation

Nowadays, our property and assets are more connected than ever Companies and organizations operating in globalized markets demand agility and efficacy in the workplace This connectivity makes

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Key factors in cloud security

When faced with an imminent digital transformation and having to migrate their critical business applications to the cloud, many companies are filled with doubt and hesitant in regard to the security

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