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10 key trends in APIs

Those business models that leverage integration technologies such as an application programming interface (APIs) and master data management (MDM) should be aware of what trends these tools are moving toward Specifically, we are going to detail below the evolution, both in the short and long term,

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What’s new in WSO2 API Microgateway 3.0 (Part I)

The world famous open-source middleware giant, WSO2s’ API MicroGateway is an enterprise-grade, cloud native and open source API management solution which is fully optimized for microservice

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How to create microservices with the WSO2 MSF4J module

MSF4J is a framework that provides WSO2 to quickly and easily create microservices Throughout this post, we will see how to use it and take advantage of some of its main features: generation of a

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WSO2 API Manager: a must-have in your business strategy

APIs are at the core of the next digital transformation, and silently, away from the big headlines, they have already started to do so In previous articles we have mentioned the advantages of

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API strategy: how to create an API Marketplace

In previous articles we have discussed what an API is and how they are transforming the digital economy Today we go one step further on the subject and discover what an “API Marketplace” is What

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How to make your business grow with open source APIs

Does the term ‘Open API’ sound familiar When developing strategies to grow, the most innovative companies are exploring a new field that promises to change the rules of the game within a short

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What do you need to implement WSO2 in your company?

WSO2’s integration stack facilitates the addressing of the needs of the company throughout time and through the incorporation of diverse groups of functionalities encapsulated as profiles The

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Introduction to REST APIs

REST APIs Representational State Transfer, or REST, is any interfaced based on the HTTP standard that is used both for obtaining data and for performing operations over them across a wide range of

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What are the advantages of a REST API?

Until not long ago, standard data transfer protocols offered great capabilities, but were also difficult to handle SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) was a prime example However, use of a simpler

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