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Monetization: Integrating PayPal as a billing engine with WSO2 APIM

This tutorial will guide you through integrating PayPal as a billing engine using WSO2 API Manager 30, the necessary steps for monetizing an API, and how to disable API monetization In order to do so, we will follow the index below: What is monetizacion

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How to Customize Endpoint Security | WSO2 APIM Tutorial

Normally, when creating an API the logic will be carried out by another backend or endpoint It is highly likely that this other endpoint has its own authentication system In order to resolve this,

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What is Serverless computing?

Serverless computing has become a great business and process efficiency opportunity for companies that are increasingly leaning toward the cloud Find out what serverless computing is

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OAuth 2.0: API authentication, security and usability

We are experiencing the apogee of API usage in companies And even though they are a significant technological and economic advance, adequate security, authentication and usability via quality

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Streamline the marketing process with the Cloud and API

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have evolved to be key components in the process of digitizing business organizations With them, it is possible to develop new and often disruptive business

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WSO2 API Manager 3.0: News and Features

WSO2 API Manager is a tool marketed by the ­company WSO2, which develops open software applications aimed at professional developers WSO2 API Manager 30 is an application with which it is possible

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10 key trends in APIs

Those business models that leverage integration technologies such as an application programming interface (APIs) and master data management (MDM) should be aware of what trends these tools are moving

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What’s new in WSO2 API Microgateway 3.0 (Part I)

The world famous open-source middleware giant, WSO2s’ API MicroGateway is an enterprise-grade, cloud native and open source API management solution which is fully optimized for microservice

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WSO2 IS Tutorial: How to use JWT Tokens to exchange data

JWT Tokens is an open standard for sharing data in a JSON object format This object will contain user information and privileges, also known as claims The standard establishes mechanisms that allow

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