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How to choose the best tool and vendor for your API Strategy

Building an agile platform for your organization’s API management requires choosing the best tools for the job. You have a variety of options, but the best practice is to look for an APIM platform that supports the key workloads and use cases that drive successful digital strategies. Here we have put together a checklist to help you choose the best tool for your API strategy.

4 Key criteria to evaluate and choose the best tool for your API strategy: The Api Management Characteristics Checklist

Here is a checklist of characteristics to seek in an API Management (APIM) platform:

  • Expose APIs easily and securely

Your teams should be able to expose APIs easily and securely, for internal and external consumers. This includes having the capacity to build APIs from existing services. This way, your organization can move quickly to execute on digital strategies that rely on APIs.

  • API Management (APIM) platform should support flexible deployment models

The API Management (APIM) platform should support flexible deployment models, such as cloud and on-premises, that adapt to your infrastructure while keeping service discovery seamless for developers. Flexibility in deployment translates into speed and agility in strategic execution. With the cloud, for example, there is no need to go through the lengthy CapEx decision cycle and setup of physical infrastructure.

  • Runtime governance for the entire lifecycle of your APIs

The platform then needs to offer design and runtime governance for the entire lifecycle of your APIs. It will facilitate the management of APIs from internally built applications, as well as from third-party providers. Digital strategies unfold, and change, over the long term. You have to govern the relevant APIs for as long as they are in service, even if their underlying mission changes. API monitoring has to be available so you can stay on top of API usage and performance, from inception to retirement. This capability ensures that you will meet SLAs and provide the kind of customer experience your strategy envisions.

  • Platform must provide enhanced API security

The platform must provide enhanced API security, including policy definition and enforcement. It should ideally integrate easily with security operations workflows and tooling.


Organizations can take immediate, practical steps to make their APIs a key to success in competing with other firms and other new entrants in your field. With the right API Management (APIM) tools, an organization can be successful with digital transformation. Getting there means thinking differently about APIs. They are no longer just contracts between pieces of code. They are products, potentially part of dynamic, agile solutions that reinvent how customers experience your organization.

With an agile platform, you will be positioned to meet future technological challenges and keep your organization out ahead of the competition with transformative digital offerings.

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