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How to Use Java Service Tasks in WSO2 BPS

WSO2 Business Process Server is an open-source middleware with the necessary features to provide for an efficient management of business processes It enables developers to easily deploy business processes written in standard WS-BPEL or BPMN 20 execution languages It also serves as a business

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Gradle vs Maven: Definitions and main Differences

There are two leading software development tools that have gained ground in recent years Today, one is more widely used and esteemed than the other in the world of computing We are of course talking

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2020 data integration trends

Historically, businesses have witnessed and implemented solutions to store data from multiple sources that, back in the day, allowed for the large-scale integration of data However, this development

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Microservices communication: methods, types and styles

Microservices are an IT and software programming architecture style that is mainly characterized by the breakdown of its applications into smaller elements that are independent one to another This

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Scheduled tasks through Enterprise Integrator

In addition to running on-demand logic, we may want to have certain logics run periodically or at specific times For this we have scheduled tasks Through the Enterprise Integrator, from now on EI,

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What’s new in WSO2 API Microgateway 3.0 (Part I)

The world famous open-source middleware giant, WSO2s’ API MicroGateway is an enterprise-grade, cloud native and open source API management solution which is fully optimized for microservice

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UMA: What it is and why it is important for your privacy

User-managed access (UMA) provides your customers and employees with a convenient way to determine who gains access to personal data and when, for how long, and under what circumstances Users

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Chakray awarded ISO 9001 certificate

Chakray Consulting SL at its headquarters in Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada Street, Seville, has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate in recognition of the quality management within the services and

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How WSO2 ESB integrates systems and offers the best UX

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, or WSO2 ESB, is an open-source based communication and integration system that is enabled for full cloud use It is based on standards and it provides immediate services

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