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WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Tutorial: Traceability with Jaeger

In this modern world, the development of applications covers more aspects than mere code instrumentation It involves the deployment of tasks through continuous integration or the control of its use and/or condition through monitoring, especially in the creation and maintenance of

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ESB vs middleware: What’s the difference?

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a design pattern that mediates between the client and the service It is capable of changing the format and the protocol of data communication to achieve that the

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WSO2 ESB Quick Start & Installation Guide

Environment Installation In this new chapter dedicated to ESB, we will install the tool and a few of the most useful utilities to execute the examples that are included with WSO2, which are the same

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What is WSO2 ESB? The enterprise integration solution

The current landscape for organizations is characterized by being global, digital and hyperconnected Companies are on the lookout for service integration solutions to improve competitiveness One

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