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What is Serverless computing?

Serverless computing has become a great business and process efficiency opportunity for companies that are increasingly leaning toward the cloud Find out what serverless computing is exactly Serverless computing: how it works Far from being a serverless architecture, serverless computing allows

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How to monetize in the cloud via the API Cloud?

The different types of API are, nowadays, a central part of the way of working and business of many companies Data exposure through APIs has become the gateway to reach customers, and with their

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The 8 great benefits of cloud computing

Companies from all industries and sizes are increasingly betting on Cloud Computing Goldman Sachs estimates show that, between 2013 and 2018, we will experience a 30% yearly growth rate for this

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Cloud Computing and SOA

Why is everyone talking about cloud computing Drawn-out, expensive IT projects that are planned and implemented without any benefits for the business stakeholders are commonplace In contrast, cloud

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