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How to implement Ballerina, the WSO2 programming language

The technological revolution has meant that programming has had to evolve, and now there is a trend towards native programming in the cloud (cloud computing) This involves combining remote network points, such as microservices, serverless applications, APIs, WebSockets, and SaaS, among others

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Top 5 Cloud programming languages

The development of computer applications is achieved with programming languages designed for this purpose On the other hand, when it comes to cloud programming, it is necessary to choose

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Programming languages you should learn in 2019

Every day the programming languages are being developed and updated, as it is a really dynamic field We notice how new codes emerge that manage to position themselves in the technology market and

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Programming Languages: Types and Features

For computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other similar electronic devices to work, a programming language is necessary that tells them the commands and allows them to complete different activities

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