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The 8 great benefits of cloud computing

Companies from all industries and sizes are increasingly betting on Cloud Computing. Goldman Sachs estimates show that, between 2013 and 2018, we will experience a 30% yearly growth rate for this service. Storing and ordering data of all kinds in servers located on the internet is transforming the information management model as we know it. The three Cloud Computing service models (platform, software and infrastructure) offer 8 great benefits:

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  1. Lower costs and increased cost effectiveness.Investing on the acquisition of equipment and data centers is a thing of the past. Cloud Computing is more cost-effective because large companies no longer have to spend huge amounts of money on implementing a data center. Now, they only pay for those services they use, without incurring on other expenses such as software license. Cloud Computing encourages pay-per-use. The company only hires those services it requires in each period of time.
  2. A Cloud Computing application may be developed in just a few days. There is no need to download development tools found on the web, which allows you to work with them since day one.
  3. Bye-bye maintenance.Before the arrival of Cloud Computing, companies were forced to dedicate time and financial resources to repair equipment which suffered malfunctions.
  4. Mobility and access from anywhere.And from any device. Company information is no longer just at the office, and allows for mobility, both for working and for servicing various clients. This results in greater workplace flexibility and mobility.
  5. Constant updating.Among the major benefits of Cloud Computing we can find that the company is guaranteed the use of the latest and most optimized versions of the software. What would in other times have implied high costs is now a routine, such as the use of the latest applications developed. Furthermore, updates are performed automatically.
  6. More secure.Data used in the company are no longer in danger in case one or several computers break down. All the information remains in the cloud, since periodical, automatic backups are made. Thanks to safe encryption, you don’t need to worry about a possible data loss.
  7. Unlimited storage.The increasing quantity of information that companies handle on their day to day can easily fit on the cloud thanks to Cloud Computing, which offers a storage capacity that could be considered to be unlimited. This will prevent the need for us to perform computer upgrades or use external physical memories.
  8. Greater sustainability.The proliferation of Cloud Computing changes the model in use until now for managing information, but in addition, it makes business activities more sustainable from an environmental standpoint. By using virtual computers, there is no need to have physical computers or servers that, in addition, have to be upgraded every once in a while, with the toll that takes.

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Undoubtedly, Cloud Computing offers a large quantity of benefits that can help our company. Transferring our services to a Cloud environment may be a great challenge for some companies, but there are some solutions that make it possible for organizations to share their internal services on the web in a safer and more controlled manner. Are you wondering how your company can benefit from all the advantages of Cloud Computing? Contact us.