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Swagger and Swagger UI: What is it and Why is it a must for your APIs?

What happens when two people do not speak the same language APIs do not share a common language on many occasions, and Swagger and Swagger UI offer a solution APIs let us connect and share data, something that is essential for the most cutting-edge companies But there is an issue – APIs don’t

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How to apply microservices to a large company

The microservices are generating a lot of attention in our sector While the most innovative keep on talking about its practicality and the possibilities of working with this type of architecture,

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The road to a winning API strategy

The API Economy represents an attractive potential source  of new revenue for companies The speed with which this new paradigm grows, should not divert attention from the choice of the best API

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API Governance and Management

We live in an era of service computing with cloud computing platforms, social computing, and mobile computing One of the most significant characteristics of the era is that any device connects to any

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