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WSO2 named a Leader by Forrester Wave for API Management Solutions

We are proud to share that WSO2 has been recognized by Forrester Research Inc as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2020. 

In this report, Forrester evaluated the 15 most significant API Management vendors across 26 evaluation criteria, among these 15 vendors was the WSO2 API Management solution. In the following graph you can see the result:

Forrester wave

API Management Solutions: Forrester Research, Inc. 

What are the advantages of WSO2 API Management?

As detailed in the report, WSO2: “showed pockets of strength across most of our evaluation categories. Specifically, it has a flexible and configurable API user portal, a strong start going beyond REST APIs, good investments in combined API-microservices strategy (including important thought leadership on how the two relate), and strong product architecture and deployment options.”

In addition to the above, from Chakray we highlight the following advantages: 

  • Unlike any other API management systems out there, WSO2 API manager provides components to cover a variety of API Service patterns. Whether it is a legacy, monolithic service or a modern microservice based service, WSO2 API Manager has the capability to seamlessly integrate and expose as APIs.
  • WSO2 API Manager is infrastructure agnostic. It can be deployed in bare-metal servers in an on-premise environment or as a cloud workload. The components in it come with different flavours of deployments including container-friendly, readily available Kubernetes artefacts.
  • WSO2 API Manager is 100% open source. Although the product is sold under a commercial license, the ability to extend and add custom capabilities is automatically granted with Apache 2.0 Open Source License. As the entire source code is available in Github, this would give a great opportunity to technologists to understand and customise solutions for their organizations once the product is purchased.

What must API Management customers look for?

In the report, Forrester Research Inc. recommends that API Management customers must look for vendors/providers that

  • Align with their API strategy.
  • Support their governance and API user engagement needs.
  • Support cohesive API design processes.

Download The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2020 report

How does Chakray power better WSO2 API Management?

Chakray is a provider of Digital Transformation solutions, its solutions include API Management, Identity and Access Management, Platform Integration and Analytics. 

We are a provider of WSO2 open source technologies since 2013.  With our experience we have discovered that the requirements to implement the API Management solution are different from one client to another, and therefore we provide secure and customized API Management solutions with WSO2 products, designed to suit the requirements of each of our customers and ensuring the security they require. 

WSO2 products follow open standards, integration with other services or existing systems, and are done safely and comfortably. 

Another remarkable factor that Chakray has as a WSO2 partner is that the entire team are certified developers of WSO2. 

At Chakray we always recommend WSO2 to our clients, because we believe that it is the most flexible, powerful and capable suite of technologies in the integration market. Therefore, we are very proud that Forrester Research Inc identified WSO2 as a leader in API Management solutions. 

Do you want to know Chakray’s success stories in the implementation of WSO2 API Management solution? Do you have some doubts about API Management?  Contact our team and discover the cutting-edge solutions that will empower your business.