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Why is digital transformation so important to your company?

We are certain that, for a while now, you have been continuously hearing news about digital transformation. And you should know that this is because of its great benefits.

In 2019 there will be over 20 billion networked devices spread throughout the world, as stated in a study by CISCO. Half of which will be connected to other mobile devices, which will imply a massive growth in mobile data. This simple fact reveals the clear rising trend of digital transformation, and its higher presence in companies and the society.

However, there are still many companies that haven’t even started to consider their digital transformation – sometimes due to a lack of knowledge –, endangering their future business activities.

Wait! Maybe before moving on, it would be best to change the subject and wonder why digital transformation is not only important, but essential to your company. Are you ready to find out?

Greater protection for your systems

Security is one of the main issues that every head of IT has to deal with. In a time in which new devices, applications and programs emerge on a daily basis, ensuring a company’s users that their identities are not threatened by cyberattacks is hard… but not impossible!

Discover our guide on “Identity and Access Management”, the best solution to manage identities and accesses in your company.

Increased productivity and efficiency

If there is anyone who benefits from the implementation of new technologies in companies, it is undoubtedly the employees. Having digital solutions and/or tools at their disposal significantly helps them with their tasks, allowing them to obtain not only better, but also faster results.

Decision-making and internal processes are streamlined and the employees’ efficiency is multiplied thanks to digital transformation. It is, without a doubt, the best way to get rid of those obsolete processes or technologies that added nothing to the company’s positive growth.

Greater profitability

When companies set their digital transformation strategy in motion, they need to be clear on the cost savings they will obtain.

If your organization engages in some current digital transformation trends such as Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence or Cloud Computing, you will see its profitability climb thanks to its great innovative component.

Increased customer satisfaction

The implementation of technology – especially in those processes related to customer experience – will significantly help with their retention, as well as the achievement of better satisfaction rates.

Get your business to easily benefit from digital transformation

Now that you know the reasons why digital transformation should be one of your main concerns, you might be thinking about the next step: how to accomplish it.

There are a myriad of solution providers on the market that can do a lot for your digital transformation strategy. However, it is a tough decision, since you need to take into account not only the performance of your software solution, but also the technical support before, during and after the implementation. 

Discover how this open-source software, full of advantages and features when compared to proprietary software, can boost your company. And not only that – it will help you technologically prepare for future and increasingly faster innovations. Your competitiveness will be more than guaranteed.

What are you waiting for? Your company’s digital transformation starts in 3, 2…1! Let our consultants advise you, not strings attached, and discover a world of possibilities!

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