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WSO2 API Manager 3.0: News and Features

WSO2 API Manager is a tool marketed by the ­company WSO2, which develops open software applications aimed at professional developers WSO2 API Manager 30 is an application with which it is possible to manage the API end-to-end locally, in a hybrid or cloud environment In this article we will know

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What’s new in WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.6.0

Although at the end of the year WSO2, released its version 700 Where it gives a turn to the Enterprise Integrator, prioritizing the deployment approach in the cloud and with microservices Very close

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Scheduled tasks through Enterprise Integrator

In addition to running on-demand logic, we may want to have certain logics run periodically or at specific times For this we have scheduled tasks Through the Enterprise Integrator, from now on EI,

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Step-by-step installation of WSO2 API Microgateway

The open source processor WSO2 API Microgateway allows the management of microservices offered by different specialized departments of a company It has become key to ensuring proper transportation

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What is WSO2 Complex Event Processor?

Digitization has led business organizations to perform an enormous amount of daily information and data transactions This constant data entry, management, and output is part of a continuous flow

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WSO2 API Manager with Ansible

This article is on writing a simple Ansible playbook to download the WSO2 APIM product and change the port to run the server What is Ansible Prior to getting started with the playbook, I will take

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What is a WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS)?

What is WSO2 Business Process Server WSO2 Business Process Server is an open-source middleware with the necessary features to provide for an efficient management of business processes 100%

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How to read properties in WSO2 BPS

The unstoppable advance of digitization tools allows companies to have access to systems that are increasingly efficient and easier to operate The WSO2 BPS tool is thus a step forward that offers a

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How to disable users on WSO2 Identity Server

Identity management that is both efficient and secure is key to an enterprise organization that faces a constant increase in the number of users and IT resources at its disposal With WSO2 Identity

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