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5 main benefits of identity management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a generic term used to describe an organization's internal processes that focus on managing user accounts and corporate network resources, including access rights for organizations, users, applications, and systems It includes functions to manage the

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10 security problems of the IOT

The IoT presents a series of unknowns for users, ranging from privacy to security The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is continuous and the proof is that there are more and more devices of

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Privacy in IoT: Things to keep in mind

Privacy is one of the main unknowns and sensitive issues raised by the IoT So much so that throughout today's post we will analyze the control systems and regulations in force for compliance The

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Chakray, awarded for his 5 years as WSO2 partner

A couple of weeks ago WSO2 celebrated one year more in Colombo (Sri Lanka) "WSO2 Sales Boot Camp", from January 15 to 17 An exclusive event aimed at its partners worldwide and Chakray's team couldn't

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WSO2 and PSD2 in Open Baking: Which is better?

Since its implementation in 2016, PSD2 has become a headache for major banks across Europe Its acronym can be translated as the Payment Services Directive and, in short, it is a mechanism that

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Open Banking: pros and cons

The world of finance has changed Technology has taken giant strides concerning all types of businesses and markets: communications, entertainment, sports, art, and more These advances have not

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How to implement Ballerina, the WSO2 programming language

The technological revolution has meant that programming has had to evolve, and now there is a trend towards native programming in the cloud (cloud computing) This involves combining remote network

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Top 5 Cloud programming languages

The development of computer applications is achieved with programming languages designed for this purpose On the other hand, when it comes to cloud programming, it is necessary to choose

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Programming languages you should learn in 2019

Every day the programming languages are being developed and updated, as it is a really dynamic field We notice how new codes emerge that manage to position themselves in the technology market and

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