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How to Customize Endpoint Security | WSO2 APIM Tutorial

Normally, when creating an API the logic will be carried out by another backend or endpoint It is highly likely that this other endpoint has its own authentication system In order to resolve this, API Manager provides a configuration mechanism for endpoint authentication However, it only allows the

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Gradle vs Maven: Definitions and main Differences

There are two leading software development tools that have gained ground in recent years Today, one is more widely used and esteemed than the other in the world of computing We are of course talking

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Creating a Fargate ECS Task in AWS using Terraform

This article explains how to run containers with the Fargate technology used in ECS To carry out this task, Terraform ’s infrastructure software is used Containers are easily managed using the

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Agility in an Integrated World

Introduction Organisations nowadays consider “being agile” as a crucial factor for success When it comes to large enterprises, buzzwords like “enterprise agility”, “integration agile”,

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WSO2 Identity Server 5.10: New developments

2020 was the start of a completely new decade for WSO2 Identity Server since the tool showed a new face with the release of version 5100, which promises to be a pioneer in data protection and

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The new Ballerina 1.2.0 version is here!

Just a few months ago, WSO2 released the latest version of Ballerina, the modern programming language that offers a wide array of tools to boost productivity in web development What is WSO2

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