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Boomi case studies in Retail: Applications and industry use cases

Boomi Retail

The multifaceted challenges faced by retailers can sometimes seem like scaling an impossible mountain. However, with the right tools in your hands, you may never have to feel that way. Boomi, a leading integration platform, is one such technology that could alleviate these seemingly insurmountable worries, especially in the digital or IT side of your operations.  In this article, we will explore through Boomi case studies in retail how this iPaaS revolutionises retail, enabling companies to stay agile, responsive, and ahead of the curve in today’s ever-evolving market. 

Boomi Use Cases and Applications in the Retail Industry    

What role does Boomi play in different areas of the retail business? Let’s take a look at how Boomi addresses challenges like data disparities, ineffective strategies, visibility issues, and integration complexity to build efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain management includes overseeing purchase orders, inventory replenishment, shipment tracking, and so on. 

  • The Challenge: The existence of siloed systems that causes disparities in data. 
  • The Boomi Solution: Boomi allows for a consolidated self-service view of data, helping all departments take charge and minimise supply chain difficulties such as stockouts and excess inventory. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing may involve campaigns, personalise communications, and customer engagement activities. 

  • The Challenge: Ineffective promotional strategies and exceeding marketing budgets. 
  • The Boomi Solution: Through its fast integrations, Boomi can vastly improve  how often and effectively your company communicates with customers. Leveraging real-time data, Boomi can enhance the marketing campaigns that retailers target towards their customers. 

Inventory Management 

Inventory management includes activities such as demand planning, fulfilment forecasting, storage, and so on. 

  • The Challenge: Improper visibility of accurate data, whether real-time or not. 
  • The Boomi Solution: Boomi promotes inventory management by ensuring customer insights and data metrics are both accurately and promptly delivered. It offers real-time visibility into critical operational data and simplifies processes to uncover opportunities for efficiencies and economies of scale.

Consumer Loyalty and Experience

For great customer loyalty and experience, companies must cater to each customer or unique demographics of customers to ensure that they feel important and taken care of. 

  • The Challenge: Good customer experience may necessitate a robust integration layer that flawlessly links purchase histories, loyalty profiles, wishlists, and additional data.
  • The Boomi Solution: The platform’s unified view of data fosters personalised interactions, targeted promotions, and real-time engagement through omnichannel pathways, helping customers and companies bridge the gap between their communications. 

3 Boomi case studies in Retail: Showcasing diverse integration challenges resolved with Boomi

In this section, we’ve discussed a series of real-world Boomi case studies in retail to help you understand different business goals, obstacles, and opportunities and how the platform fits into the whole picture. The following are three clients and their respective integration projects. 

Boomi Case Studies in Retail: Paula’s Choice 

  • Company Objectives:

Paula’s Choice, a skincare brand founded in the U.S. in 1995, expanded its European presence to include brick-and-mortar retail partners alongside its online platform. With plans for substantial growth and diversification in product lines, the company aimed to enhance connectivity with B2B partners and integrate seamlessly via EDI.

  • Integration Hurdles:

A distribution deal with a major European cosmetics retailer prompted Paula’s Choice to address manual order processing challenges and implement EDI for smoother data exchange. With over 100 retail locations, the retailer’s order volume demanded automation and integration with Paula’s Choice and their 3PL partner.

  • Boomi’s Resolution:

Opting for the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, Paula’s Choice streamlined NetSuite integration for their retail partner and 3PL warehouse. Boomi’s core features, including low-code integration and pre-built NetSuite connectors, enabled swift implementation and EDI compliance. With the platform’s support, Paula’s Choice met the demands of the 2021 holiday season, enhancing supply chain efficiency, accelerating time to market, and simplifying business processes.

Boomi Case Studies in Retail: Native Union 

  • Company Objectives:

Native Union, known for its stylish technology accessories, aimed to transition from B2B to direct ecommerce and expand globally. Despite its success with retail giants like Apple, the company sought to enhance its online presence through a digital transformation initiative in 2017.

  • Integration Hurdles:

Native Union grappled with disjointed workflows and manual order processing due to disconnected applications across various business functions. With over 10 disparate systems in place, including Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the lack of integration led to duplication of work, inefficiencies, and limited scalability.

  • Boomi’s Resolution:

Leveraging the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, Native Union successfully integrated its core applications, streamlining processes and automating manual tasks. Boomi ensured connectivity between Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Shopify, and the company’s payment gateway processor, promoting automated order processing and payment reconciliation. Implementing the Boomi AtomSphere Platform resulted in a significant reduction in order processing time, from three days to just one. Additionally, the user-friendly capabilities of Boomi enabled Native Union to expedite time-to-market without the need for extensive technical resources. 

Boomi Case Studies in Retail: Freedom 

  • Company Objectives:

Freedom, a prominent furniture and homewares retailer with a significant presence in Australia and New Zealand, aimed to undergo a business transformation to enhance operational efficiency, support product evolution, and deliver personalised customer experiences across both physical stores and e-commerce platforms.

  • Integration Hurdles:

Facing issues with disparate and unreliable bespoke applications, Freedom struggled with disconnected core systems, leading to manual work processes that hindered operations and compromised data availability and accuracy. Their online store lacked user-friendly navigation and transparency in order processing, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

  • Boomi’s Resolution:

Freedom adopted Boomi’s integration platform to facilitate an omnichannel business approach, ensuring great customer experience across all touchpoints. Leveraging Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native AtomSphere Platform, Freedom integrated numerous critical systems including SAP Commerce Cloud, Fluent order management, Shippit shipping management, and Triquestra’s Infinity point-of-sale systems.  Boomi enabled Freedom to consolidate operational, customer, and transactional data in real-time. This data-driven approach empowered Freedom to make informed decisions regarding product offerings, supply chain management, and customer interactions. 

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Benefits of using Boomi in Retail 

Now that we’ve seen the platform in action through Boomi case studies in retail, let’s take a look at exactly how Boomi boosts innovation in the retail industry and what are the benefits of using Boomi. 

Lightweight integrations

Boomi enables quick deployments, acting as an efficient integration engine hosted at the store level. It has connectors to 200+ applications and a low-code environment, which allow companies to connect to a range of retail applications with easy development practices. Without needing too many resources or infrastructural requirements, retail companies can adapt to market changes flexibly with Boomi’s robust platform. 

Centralised platform 

Boomi’s host of tools allows retailers to attend to all aspects of retail connectivity such as real-time data management, automated data mapping, EDI, API management, and much more.

Unrivalled Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Boomi provides long-term value for retail enterprises no matter their size or level of business activity, offering flexible pricing structures for your specific requirements. This guarantees that companies pay solely for necessary services, all while substantially enhancing developer efficiency.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Boomi was designed exclusively for the cloud, which means that there’s no need for on-premises hardware or complex installations, allowing smooth connection across your retail operations.

Wide-ranging Retail Partner Network

Boomi collaborates with top-tier integration partners on a global and regional scale. This encompasses industry leaders like NetSuite, Deloitte, Handshake, Accenture, and Jade Global, but covers a range of other partners as well . This expansive network ensures that companies receive appropriate support no matter the objectives of their projects.

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Chakray: Trustworthy Boomi Partner for the Retail Sector

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Our team of experienced integration specialists works closely with retail clients to confront their gripes head-on. Whether you’re looking to optimise supply chain analytics, introduce automation into different teams and departments, manage stocks and inventories efficiently, or improve brand loyalty, we have the knowledge and skills to help you succeed.


The benefits of using Boomi in retail are abundant; its lightweight integrations, unified services, total cost of ownership, cloud-native architecture, and extensive partner network. As evidenced by the success stories of companies like Paula’s Choice, Native Union, and Freedom, Boomi’s innovative solutions can propel retail organisations towards sustained growth and prosperity.

Are you a retail organisation seeking guidance on Boomi for your integration needs? Look no further! Our team at Chakray comprises integration specialists with expertise in various platforms and industries, guiding you through the technology selection process. Whether you’re grappling with data disparities, ineffective strategies, or integration complexity, we’re here to assist. Reach out to us today with your inquiries, and let us help you find the perfect solution tailored to your retail business.

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