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Choosing the right Boomi Partner in the UK: Key considerations for your business

Boomi partner in the UK

As businesses increasingly rely on platforms like Boomi to enhance their digital efficiency, a parallel increase in the need for a reliable integration partner can be observed. In this article, we illustrate common considerations that go into selecting a Boomi partner. If you’re a business in the UK, we also briefly note some ideal signs of an outstanding Boomi partner in the UK. 

Why opt for a Boomi Partner in the UK?

Integration scenarios are complex and different from one another. If you’ve selected Boomi as your integration platform of choice, you may be expecting help with the following areas: 

  • Selecting out-of-the-box connectors: used for quick and easy integrations.
  • Providing custom integration support: tackling unique integration scenarios by going one step beyond pre-built templates.
  • Handling hybrid integrations: connecting to data sources both on-premises and in the cloud. 
  • Strengthening security: guidance with regards to adhering to compliance requirements, especially in industries dealing with critical data. 
  • Monitoring integration effectiveness: surveying, reporting, and managing integrations after their deployment no matter where they are housed. 

This is why you may need a Boomi integration partner. A Boomi partner can flexibly provide services based on your ever-changing needs. Whether you require assistance with initial setup, ongoing maintenance, or scaling your integration efforts as your business grows, partnering with a skilled integration partner can speed up your processes and ensure optimal performance. Teaming up with good Boomi expertise can help you achieve business outcomes whilst reducing the risks of failed implementations or lost opportunities. 

Key Considerations in Boomi Partner Selection

Choosing the right Boomi partner involves assessing their track record in different criteria ranging from expertise to cost-effectiveness. Take a look at a few that we’ve deemed important below. 

Market leadership

The partner should have a history of Boomi projects of varying complexities and industries. Verifying this can help you drive customer satisfaction no matter what scenario you are faced with. 

Breadth and depth of knowledge

The partner must have comprehensive knowledge about integrations, but there’s more than that as well. In addition to integration, knowing how to utilise other Boomi capabilities such as master data management (MDM), API management, workflow automation, and so on. 

Customisation, scalability and flexibility

Consider partners who offer personalised solutions for unique business requirements. They must have the ability to change their integration methodology as per the client’s evolving needs. 

Support and maintenance

Analyse the partner’s support services and see what they may mean for you. Ensure they provide thorough support post-implementation to boost the long-term success of your integration projects.


A Boomi partner must provide an integration solution that doesn’t buckle under the pressure of increased data volumes, additional applications, and growing business processes over time.


Many organisations deal with sensitive data. A partner should possess the expertise in implementing secure integrations that adhere to relevant compliance standards.

Cost and return on investment (ROI)

Weigh costs simultaneously with the value that the investment generates. By considering both costs and value together, you can make a more informed decision that takes into account not only immediate expenses but also potential benefits and returns.

– Do you have questions about Boomi that aren’t discussed in this article? Get in touch with us and we’ll answer them for you.-  

3 steps to choose the right Boomi partner in the UK

In this section, we outline an approach to guide you through the process of choosing the ideal Boomi partner for your organisation. We consolidate this into three easy steps to provide you a general overview of the partner selection process.  

Step 1: Initial assessment of partner compatibility

Consider previous projects associated with the partners you are considering. Are their successful projects similar to the one you want to approach at the moment? This can help you determine if the organisation has some practical experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, the partners must consider your long-term business goals and optimise your integration project with relevant insights in order to accomplish and sustain what you set out to achieve. These initial filters can allow you to narrow down a pool of Boomi partners you can select from. 

Step 2: Partner selection process

In this step, you can start collecting detailed information about your shortlist of candidates. This includes characteristics such as their service offerings, pricing structures, project methodologies, and client testimonials. You may also start setting up meetings and interactions with the partners you are considering. Here, you can pose questions about their approach to integration projects, their team’s skill set, and their ability to meet your project timelines and budget constraints. 

Step 3: Making the Final Decision

And now it’s time to evaluate and pick your overall fit. Think about how the partner organisations align with your aspirations as an enterprise. Doing so will allow you to establish a strong partnership from the get-go, one that fosters collaboration, transparency, and mutual success. Once you’ve made your decision by selecting the partner that best suits this expectation, communicate clearly with the chosen partner regarding your anticipations about the project scope, timelines, and deliverables. This will kickstart your integration journey as steadily as possible. 

Therefore, from assessing compatibility to making the final decision, these steps will help you establish an effective partnership that ensures business success. 

Chakray, your choice for a Boomi Partner in the UK

Chakray is a trusted choice for a Boomi partner in the UK, offering premium expertise and services for each company’s individual expectations. We bring years of experience to the table, for businesses across various industries.

Our team consists of certified Boomi professionals who are dedicated to providing end-to-end support, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance. We customise our approach to each integration project as no two are the same. 

With Chakray as your Boomi partner in the UK, you can expect:

Specialist guidance

Our professionals will work with you at a granular level to understand your integration challenges and personalise solutions to match your goals.

Continuous support

To solidify the continued success of your integration initiatives, we offer assistance with everything including troubleshooting, performance, and proactive monitoring.

Fast and custom-fit implementation 

Using our experience and our commonly followed best practices, we ensure a smooth and efficient implementation of Boomi solutions, reducing disruption to your everyday operations. With our knowledge of industry trends and standards, we provide strategic advice to help you leverage your integrations and stay ahead of the curve.

Integration Expertise 

Our team has extensive experience in integrating various applications, including Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud (Fusion), SAP, Workday, among others. As an integration consultancy, Chakray stands out for its experience and expertise in systems integration, making us a reliable partner to optimise and streamline your business processes. In addition, as a Boomi partner, we are committed to delivering efficient and customised integration solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Chakray services for Boomi

Chakray services for Boomi

Joining hands with Chakray as your Boomi partner in the UK can allow you to access the full list of features present in Boomi’s powerful integration platform. Let us be your trusted partner on your integration pathway and serve to drive up your innovation, adaptability, and future business development.


By prioritising the factors we’ve covered in this article, you can choose a partner that can accompany you in your lengthy integration journey. More so, with Chakray as your trusted Boomi partner in the UK, you can expect your business to be propelled forth with our situationally inventive implementations. Tap into the power of a robust partnership with Chakray by your side. 

Reach out to us today with any questions we haven’t covered within the scope of this guide; we’re here to help!

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