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Boomi Salesforce integration by industry: Healthcare, Financial Services and Retail

Boomi Salesforce integration by industry

Boomi’s versatile platform spans diverse domains and teams, with its Salesforce integration often sought for its cost-effectiveness and ability to enhance customer loyalty within organisations. In this article, we’ll focus on Boomi Salesforce integration by industry. We will explore how specific industries and functions tackle unique concerns and trends that shape their integration decisions and their implementation of Boomi solutions. Our focus will be on major domains where Boomi has significantly impacted integration projects, particularly those involving Salesforce.

Boomi Salesforce integration by industry

The following industries all embrace Boomi’s capabilities to various degrees, including pairing it with the Salesforce CRM. Let’s take a look at the implications of a Boomi Salesforce integration by industry:

Financial services

In the finance industry, Boomi adapts to changing needs like new regulations and business models. For instance, the idea of open banking in the finance sector introduces new challenges like stringently adhering to data standards and handling customer consent. Boomi has the capabilities to cater to these constant developments in the industry by introducing concepts like cloud transformation, data analytics, API management, and so on.

Benefits of Salesforce integration in financial services 

Coupled with Salesforce, Boomi connects the CRM to fundamental platforms like payment systems, web portals that manage APIs, customer service systems, and much more. This is useful for a number of reasons:

  • Key stakeholders (bankers, financers, partners) achieve a centralised view of customer information.
  • APIs are carefully exposed so that financial services organisations can consolidate internal and external data without risking security.
  • Improve processes like transaction tracking, claims processing, policy management, and customer service by seamlessly combining data from modern and legacy sources.

Retail and ecommerce

Retail is heavily consumer-facing. Tailoring unique shopping experiences for each customer requires the act of leveraging data from multiple sources so that everything is tracked accurately. Boomi helps with this by promoting automation and real-time data visualisation so that customers can stay on top of their transactions.

Benefits of Salesforce integration in retail and ecommerce 

With a Boomi Salesforce integration, retail and e-commerce companies can reap benefits such as: 

  • Using Salesforce as a master data hub for consistent customer records by verifying and aggregating it across multiple applications and systems.
  • Improving the timeliness of insights like stock information, product delays, purchase histories, loyalty profiles for the business. This also helps the business maintain a good level of communication and transparency with its customers.
  • Complex processes like quote-to-cash that have multiple phases can use Salesforce data to achieve a comprehensive view of the sales cycle.


Healthcare is a highly critical industry that requires rigid data compliance and prompt delivery of services. Boomi’s low-code approach ensures agility, acting as a modern integration platform that bridges the gap between legacy and cloud systems. What’s more, Boomi adheres to international standards such as HL7, making it a suitable technology for the healthcare sector.

Benefits of Salesforce integration in healthcare

When paired with Salesforce, Boomi can amplify healthcare services in the following ways: 

  • Salesforce offers a specific patient management software called the Salesforce Health Cloud. Upon integration with Boomi, Salesforce Health Cloud can act as a centre for all patient data by consolidating siloed Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other medical/clinical data. 
  • Processes such as care planning, invoicing, payment tracking, insurance claims management, and others become more streamlined.
  • Advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices may be used to collect, communicate, or flag patient health updates in real-time using Salesforce Health Cloud and Boomi.

Want to know how to carry out a simple Boomi and Salesforce integration? This article might interest you. 

Boomi Salesforce integration by function

Different functions within a business utilise Boomi in different ways. It’s not uncommon for teams to pair the iPaaS with Salesforce to achieve certain tasks. Let’s take a look at the implications of a Boomi Salesforce integration by function:

Human resources

Boomi’s unified view of multiple systems comes in handy when a company’s HR team wishes to detangle the complexities of processes like onboarding.

Benefits of Salesforce integration in human resources

With the added help of a Boomi Salesforce integration, the management of HR data can reach better heights. While Salesforce is a CRM, it can also be a platform that empowers employees just as much as customers. Boomi and Salesforce together increase employee productivity and connectivity through the power of easy-to-build automations. For instance:

  • Self-service portals for employees can be implemented, allowing them to manage their own data with little to no HR intervention.
  • Candidate data management can be simplified when Boomi integrates an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) with Salesforce.
  • Manual activities within the onboarding process can be reduced by sending out a series of onboarding tasks whenever new employee data is entered into Salesforce.


Many marketing teams struggle with no centralised source of truth. This may make it difficult for them to report conclusive findings from their data, resulting in a failure to articulate the impact of their ventures accurately. They may also lack clear direction on formulating their future campaigns.

Benefits of Salesforce integration in marketing

A Boomi Salesforce integration can benefit your company’s marketing function in the following ways: 

  • Salesforce contains the latest customer data, which means that connecting it to third-party marketing automation tools and email platforms via Boomi can ensure that your campaign promotes a synergetic and cohesive customer experience. 
  • Boomi and Salesforce bridges the gap between the sales and marketing functions, enhancing lead-to-cash cycles through intelligent automations. 
  • Lastly, with accurate and up-to-date information all in one place, marketers can generate prompt reports. This can help them track the effectiveness of their campaigns as well as derive insights for future efforts.


Sales drives customer experience. However, companies face a poor understanding of client needs due to lack of connectivity between disparate sources of data and a lack of visibility into different stages of the sales cycle.

Benefits of Salesforce integration in Sales 

With Boomi and Salesforce on your side, you may be able to:

  • Access the full range of customer data to manage your accounts. 
  • Track customer journey across various sales touchpoints and anticipate customer needs. This can help you target upsell opportunities with more ease. 

By automating repetitive tasks pertaining to lead qualification and follow-ups, sales teams can focus their energy on strategic efforts and customised client engagement.

Integrate Salesforce for your industry with Chakray

No matter what industry your organisation belongs to, or what functions you house, Boomi and Salesforce integration should be at the forefront of your digital strategy if customer experience is one of your top priorities. Our team at Chakray observes common challenges during a Boomi Salesforce integration by industry or function, before deciding how to approach your unique problems.

As a trusted Boomi partner, our expertise extends to all types of integrations with the platform. With our experts guiding you every step of the way through your Boomi Salesforce journey, you can strengthen your organisation’s scalability, data security, and adherence to industry standards today.

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