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How to play the Salesforce integration game with the power of Boomi

Ebook Information

Our definitive ebook will walk you through the process of implementing your Boomi Salesforce integration. 

It starts off with a quick overview of Salesforce integration patterns. You’ll gain further insights into the markers of a successful integration strategy, moving beyond the common patterns to address more complex and distinctive business needs.

Next, the ebook probes into why Boomi is an excellent choice for a Salesforce integration solution. From outlining broader needs beyond simple integration to illustrating the harmonious coordination between Boomi and Salesforce, you’ll grasp the unique advantages of this powerful integration platform. Last but not the least, this section draws comparisons between Boomi and Mulesoft, offering a valuable perspective on how to make your final choice in the realm of Salesforce integration .

Additionally, this ebook will guide you through the practical steps of building a basic Boomi integration with Salesforce. Other than the fundamental Boom and Salesforce integration patterns, this section also covers the concepts of mapping integration logic all the way to deploying it onto the Boomi runtime engine, known as the Atom.

The final section highlights the uses of Boomi Salesforce integrations across various industries and functions, showcasing approaches taken by organisations in financial services, retail and ecommerce, healthcare, human resources, marketing, and sales. This will help you gauge the direct benefits of this implementation for your company.

What are you waiting for? Start reading our ebook “How to play the Salesforce integration game with the power of Boomi” to understand where you stand and what more you can achieve whilst leveraging Salesforce. 

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