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How WSO2 ESB integrates systems and offers the best UX

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, or WSO2 ESB, is an open-source based communication and integration system that is enabled for full cloud use It is based on standards and it provides immediate services without the need to write code WSO2 ESB provides data integration capabilities, eliminating the need

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Are the microservices the end of the ESB’s?

The microservices have questioned the future of the ESB But how this new trend in architecture affects the Enterprise Service Bus It seems that the microservices are here to stay Every day more

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WSO2 MSF4J Tutorial: WebSockets

In modern web development, we cannot be satisfied with just having a set of microservices In the case where we are using them to develop for the web, we need to use WebSockets These will allow us to

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WSO2 MSF4J Tutorial: Connection to IS and OAuth 2.0

In the previous post, we explored how to perform basic authentication In today's article we will see how to perform that same authentication but through the Identity Server (IS) of WSO2 and OAuth

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WSO2 Summit Seville: Everything that happened

Last March 7, the city of Seville hosted for the first time a WSO2 Summit under the slogan "The key to successful integration" The event brought together leading figures from the national and

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5 main benefits of identity management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a generic term used to describe an organization's internal processes that focus on managing user accounts and corporate network resources, including access

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10 security problems of the IOT

The IoT presents a series of unknowns for users, ranging from privacy to security The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is continuous and the proof is that there are more and more devices of

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