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Decision criteria to select an integration middleware

What is a middleware A middleware is a software that can be found between the operating system and the applications running on that system It works as a hidden translation layer that allows for the management and transfer of data between distributed applications A middleware offers an API to

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Effective solutions to integrate business services

In order to overcome connectivity and communication problems between systems, there are suites that enable the implementation of a technological solution that generates a framework of digital

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6 reasons for the service integration in your company

A large number of computer applications used by companies nowadays come from different providers and have been built with diverse standards and technologies This leads access to information to have a

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4 things you should know about Ballerina

WSO2 waited for the recent WSO2Con USA 2017 celebration to surprise the world with the Ballerina programming language; a tool that has everything in its favour to break new ground The company,

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How to apply microservices to a large company

The microservices are generating a lot of attention in our sector While the most innovative keep on talking about its practicality and the possibilities of working with this type of architecture,

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