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WSO2 Enterprise Integrator: The business solution to get interconnected systems

wso2 enterpriseintegrator

Enterprise Application Integration software (EAI) is one of the most advanced ways of adapting to the modern world. A great deal of IT is dedicated to providing different companies with global and local connection systems, with applications and tools that increase productivity and reduce costs. It’s in this context that Open Source solutions have emerged to help many companies in the integration of their systems. Few have managed to do so, and one of them is WSO2 Enterprise Integrator.

This middleware platform offers open source products to different companies which, despite being easy to use, have high effectiveness and profitability. In many ways, this has allowed companies to drastically lower their expenses since all their transactions are reduced.

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The possibility of having a completely connected company thanks to WSO2 Enterprise Integrator also involves the optimization of processes, the suppression of unnecessary work, the protection of company information and greater control over it.

In addition, Enterprise Application Integration software centralizes data, making it so that only authorized users can have access to it. It works like a tool that prevents duplication of information and overload of the applications. WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is the most efficient company for this kind of services.

How to build an integrated business

If you want to achieve Enterprise Application Integration, it is necessary to have a quality core network, one that is extremely solid. That will allow your company to be fully connected.

In the case of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, its platform helps business integration take place both in an internal and external level, thanks to the implementation of its network. In order to do so, it relies on its different middleware solutions, which are located throughout the whole architecture space. These solutions are:

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB)

It constitutes the most important backbone network within the WSO2 platform.  Thanks to it, it is possible to integrate any type of web services, including RESTful service which are what allows interaction with all the resources of a server.

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This solution also favors the integration of SAP-based data.


It is used to group different types of heterogeneous data stores into a service layer. In fact, this represents the main function of this server.

WSO2 DSS is perfect for grouping data and thereby creating composite views, as well as host data services. It can also be used to decouple the external and internal data stores of consumers.

WSO2 Business Process Server (WSO2 BPS)

One of the best ways to handle business process management is through this solution.

Developers can make use of it and of its WS-BPEL standard to create and implement new business processes with their respective hosting environment. It is one of the few solutions compatible with business processes that require human interaction.

It differs from the previous ones because it is used for processes in which the company requires a long duration.

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WSO2 Message Broker (WSO2 MB)

It is designed to allow communication exchanges between the different integrated applications. These exchanges are carried out asynchronously and through the publication of messages that appear for the access of new subscribers.

It can be used when messages are mandatory and necessary. In addition, it is compatible with JMS and AMQP standards.

Aside from these solutions, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator also has: WSO2 Governance Registry and WSO2 Application Server. The first one is used as an aid in SOA Governance, while the second one creates hosting for web services.

Why API management is important

Once the solutions are acquired, it is very important to be able to rely on API management. These constitute a set of rules for the different integrated applications to communicate with each other. The façade and the WSO2’s API administrator are used to expose all the functionalities so that they can be perceived by the clients.

Other functions related to APIs include its administration layer, in which the company publishes its own API; the gateway, which allows traffic to consumers; and the warehouse, in which the APIs of the company are exposed to internal and external developers.

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With the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator solutions, all those API functions are monitored, authorized, authenticated and analyzed. That is why it is so important for a successful business integration.


In order to achieve business integration, it is necessary to have an adequate system that guarantees the optimization of procedures to any company.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is the best platform that enables, effectively and efficiently, all the development coming from business integration. After owning all of its products, you will be able to profit from all its advantages, no matter what kind of company you run.

Nowadays, this middleware platform is one of the most sought after and used by companies that move towards the integration of their systems. If you want to start with yours, choose a partner that has lots of experience in its use, such as Chakray. We will be waiting for you!

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