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Are you interested in WSO2 ESB? If you want to get started, do not miss the chance to meet the best guides-tutorials and examples (step by step) exposed by Tomás Rabazo, Chakray’s Integration Consultant in the UK. The moment to start using this flexible solution, implemented by a large number of enterprises has finally arrived.

Become an expert with our “WSO2 ESB Kit”!

  • Apache Synapse Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and WSO2
  • WSO2 ESB Quickstart & Installation Guide
  • Message Mediation: Catalog of Synapse Examples, WSO2 ESB
  • WSO2 ESB Tutorial: Simple Message Content-Based Routing using Filter Mediator
  • WSO2 ESB Tutorial: Simple Message Content-Based Routing with Switch Mediator
  • WSO2 ESB Tutorial: Local registry entries, reusable endpoints and sequences
  • WSO2 ESB Tutorial: Error handling and Docker container

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