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7 benefits of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) represents a new paradigm in the use of technologies and services. Small, medium and large companies use it to facilitate their entire business process since it allows them to integrate everything from software applications to hardware systems.

This trend has allowed many open and private projects to develop supports for EAI solutions. This is because EAI is related to the use of middleware technologies, which serve as “bridges” in the informative exchange of every business application.

Other examples of EAI technologies also include the integration of web services, service-oriented architecture, content integration, and business processes. However, they are currently in development.

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Now, what are the advantages of EAI technologies, which are highly recommended to streamline and simplify everything concerning business integration, and that nowadays all companies want to implement?

Benefits and Advantages of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

The benefits range from the reduction of unnecessary work, through the optimization of processes, and even the lowering of costs. Out of them all, we have selected seven that we present below.

Control and connection of your company

The Enterprise Application Integration is a wonderful way to have complete control of your company. This is due to the fact that information management is improved since it offers an overall vision, making it possible to have full knowledge of what occurs in it, thanks to its different mechanisms.

When you own a company or occupy a higher position, the entire network of connections, ranging from software information to aspects related to employees, can be managed and controlled.

It simplifies business processes

If there is one thing in which EAI technologies stand out, it is in the streamlining and simplification of all company processes. It does not matter if the IT structure is complex or if there are multiple applications that are asynchronous with each other.

Enterprise Application Integration reduces costs and investments

The implementation of EAI technologies is also a great help for the reduction of costs within the company. A clear example of this is the integration of old and new software: since there is no need to delete the former, there are fewer investments.

Moreover, thanks to the integration of business applications it is possible to generate new services and products that can be implemented internally and externally. In the long run, this is a great help to save at every cost.

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It encourages information exchange

When the different parts of a company are integrated, as well as their respective applications and IT structure, the information exchange is much greater.

All employees of the company can have access to the data and software used there. This prevents duplication of information, so the structure works better and with much more efficiency.

It lowers time and efforts

The integration of different software systems allows for all business information to be concentrated, making the work of any employee much simpler. This results in a reduction of the necessary time and efforts to perform tasks.

EAI allows large-scale tasks, which usually extend over long periods of work, to be accomplished in less time. Thus, the company works optimally and unnecessary tasks are cut out. The company’s production is improved and the ability to streamline and monitor business problems is much better.

Increase of advantages and opportunities

Thanks to the implementation of EAI technologies, it is possible to enhance competitive advantages and opportunities compared to the different companies functioning as competition.

For those who apply it, business integration plays an important role in taking the lead. In fact, when a company has a poor IT structure, its productivity decreases and may, as a result, suffer big losses.

Nonetheless, when EAI technologies are applied, the capacity to solve problems is improved, and production is not only greatly increased but also more efficient. It even implies a competitive advantage. Its management can be developed in aspects such as marketing, which in the long run will give your company greater visibility in the business world.

Adaptation to advanced processes

The carrying out of the different business processes also encompasses business scope. With EAI it is much easier to track and analyze them so as to understand how they work and how to control them. It provides various analysis models that help monitor every business operation.

Basically, EAI technologies can adapt to any process, which means that they can help the company at all times with their analysis and monitoring.

Enterprise Application Integration is currently one of the best ways to have control over any company and make it much more productive. Technologies’ improvement seems unstoppable, so it is essential to use them for the entire business process as they help it to adapt.

EAI technologies have helped companies reach new levels. The monitoring of business operations and the integration of applications and software are a great help in many areas. For that reason, it is so necessary to take them into consideration.

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