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WSO2 IS Tutorial: How to use JWT Tokens to exchange data

JWT Tokens is an open standard for sharing data in a JSON object format This object will contain user information and privileges, also known as claims The standard establishes mechanisms that allow us to secure and authenticate the sent data What you should know about JWT Token The JWT token is

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WSO2 MSF4J Tutorial: Connection to IS and OAuth 2.0

In the previous post, we explored how to perform basic authentication In today's article we will see how to perform that same authentication but through the Identity Server (IS) of WSO2 and OAuth

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Chakray, awarded for his 5 years as WSO2 partner

A couple of weeks ago WSO2 celebrated one year more in Colombo (Sri Lanka) "WSO2 Sales Boot Camp", from January 15 to 17 An exclusive event aimed at its partners worldwide and Chakray's team couldn't

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All you need to know about WSO2Con EU 2018

A couple of days ago WSO2Con Europe took place in London, an essential event for all IT profiles, CIOs, and those interested in technologies to face the digital transformation of their business As

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WSO2 Identity Server Tutorial: Introduction

Welcome to the new section of the blog dedicated to Identity Server of WSO2, a revolutionary tool to ensure the security and correct identity management of any company Whether you have already heard

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Everything you missed of our event at Seville

Last November 21st we held a technical seminar with the purpose of finding the way to achieve digital transformation in a company The event was attended by many leading companies in the sector, to

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Chakray, WSO2Con Europe partner sponsor

London will be home to a new edition of the most important WSO2 event in Europe The event will take place from November 6th to 8th and will, once again this year, count with Chakray’s support as a

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The new version of WSO2 IOT Server is here

The WSO2 open-source application development company has just released on the market the new version of WSO2 IoT Server A solution in the form of a server that now, more than ever, tears down the

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