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WSO2 Identity Server 5.9.0: New developments

WSO2 has announced the release of a new version of the Identity Server that includes valuable improvements to manage identities, protecting access to information by companies.

New configuration model in Identity Server 5.9.0

In its new configuration model, Identity Server prioritizes the user experience, using a single configuration file (deployment.toml) that facilitates the total governance of old configuration files such as: axis2.xml, carbon.xml, master-data sources.xml, etc.

Its benefit is to avoid common problems faced by developers when having to generate configurations in a great number of files with multiple configuration options and across different locations.

This allows for the implementation to be performed in less time, since the deployment.toml file becomes the only file that needs setting up when pushing the modifications to the XML files. If the company prefers, it can go back to the previous xml-based configuration; all it takes to do this is to delete the deployment.toml file.

Cross-protocol single logout

The new version offers a transparent experience both in regard to single login and to single logout, even in applications that communicate by using different SSO protocols such as OIDC and SAML.

New RESTful API set

This new version favours the use of RESTful APIs over SOAP APIs. REST APIs for the management of core capabilities of WSO2 IS and the interaction with the end-user are becoming essential elements in the construction of cloud-based solutions. The new version of WSO2 Identity Server includes new APIs for: 

  • Administration of Identity Attributes (Claims)


For companies wishing to migrate from the previous version of WSO2 Identity Server (5.8.0) to the latest version, it can be done easily and uneventfully. To know the process in-depth, we recommend reading the document that outlines the changes in the current configuration.


With this new feature, it is possible to personalize certain frequently used pages using a sub-theme – a feature that can also be used in the WSO2 API manager,  Jaggery-based applications offer the support of themes and sub-themes, such as registration and recovery pages.

Other interesting improvements of WSO2 identity server

Other important improvements are the ability to add function libraries that can be imported and reused in adaptive authentication scripts within multiple applications.

Furthermore, the WSO2 identity server documentation has been moved to GitHub, with a brand-new structure that not only offers a better look, but also makes it easier for users to test and learn.

As usual, the roadmaps of WSO2 products are public (provided that they are shared with informational purposes) and act as a guide for future releases.

Identity Server keeps working for the future

Identity server promises to continue growing. We are currently working on renovating the UX of the WSO2 Identity Server; in future releases, you will be able to experience new administration and end-user portals based on React.


The new version of Identity Server 5.9.0 offers value and great opportunities for companies to improve the management and administration of identities that have access to valuable information.

Implementing and updating the current server will undoubtedly allow your entire organization to take advantage of these new features.