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Chakray is hiring in Tanzania: Discover exciting job and career opportunities in our team

Tanzania hiring

Chakray has opened an office in Tanzania. This expansion represents an exciting step into a region not just rich in history, culture and welcoming people, but into a rapidly emerging economy with exciting digital prospects. We are excited to contribute towards Tanzania’s digital future by generating significant job opportunities for technology professionals across the country. Among the many job opportunities Chakray has brought to Tanzania are specialized positions that are vital to the world of integration.

If you are passionate about the world of integration and are looking for an exciting and challenging opportunity, we are looking for people like you!

Job opportunities for local Tanzanian and global professionals

We look forward to receiving CVs from highly qualified individuals from both Tanzania and other parts of the world. We value diversity of thought and experience, and believe that the exchange of diverse knowledge and perspectives is essential for innovation.

At Chakray Tanzania, we believe in innovative minds without borders. It doesn’t matter if you are a Tanzanian native or come from anywhere in the world. What really matters to us is your passion for technology and integration and your desire to embark on this exciting adventure. We are looking for passionate IT professionals looking for their next overseas adventure.

If you are willing to face new challenges, learn and grow with us, then we strongly encourage you to submit your CV.

Chakray is hiring in Tanzania: Why join Chakray and what job roles are we looking for in our new office?

At Chakray, you will not only work on cutting-edge technology, but you will also be involved in exciting projects. We are committed to the personal and professional growth of our employees. We offer a stimulating work environment, continuous training opportunities and a dedicated team that will support you every step of your career.

What are we looking for? We are looking for people who are passionate about technology, creative, results-oriented and willing to take on challenges. If you have experience in enterprise integration, software development, day-to-day operations, or service and release management, we want to hear from you. We are interested in both experienced professionals and talented people who are just starting their career in the integration world.

WSO2 Senior Enterprise Integrator Developers – Tanzania jobs

At Chakray, we are actively seeking a highly skilled WSO2 Senior Enterprise Integrator Developer to join our team. In this pivotal role, you will play a key part in designing and implementing efficient, scalable enterprise integration solutions using the cutting-edge WSO2 platform. We are looking for candidates who not only possess strong technical expertise but also demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities, enabling them to guide teams effectively and navigate the complexities of modern enterprise integrations.

Successful candidates will be proficient in translating the architect’s provided designs of enterprise integration patterns into reality, utilizing WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and its associated tooling. From day one, you will be responsible for the development, deployment, and rigorous testing of these solutions, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. 

Are you interested in this opportunity? Click here to see the detailed offer and send us your CV

Integrations Developers / Software Engineers – Tanzania jobs

In addition, at Chakray we are hiring Integrations Developers, passionate professionals who specialize in building APIs for the digital transformation of large corporations. These developers will play a crucial role in the design and implementation of integration solutions, improving operational efficiency and customer experience for various businesses.

Are you interested in this opportunity? Click here to see the detailed offer and send us your CV

Daily Operations Engineers / Support Engineers – Tanzania jobs

To ensure smooth and seamless running of daily operations, we at Chakray are also hiring Daily Operations Engineers. These professionals will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the company’s technology systems in Tanzania, ensuring that all operations run smoothly and responding quickly to any issues that arise.

Here is a generic list of tasks to be performed by people in this role:

  • Development or changes on existing integrations, outside of project lines..
  • Routine Monitoring: Continuously monitor various aspects of daily operations, such as IT systems, production processes, or service delivery, to identify any anomalies or issues.
  • Process Improvement: Identify areas for operational process improvement and efficiency gains, and work on implementing these improvements.
  • Documentation: Maintain up-to-date documentation of operational processes, procedures, and troubleshooting steps to facilitate knowledge sharing and future reference.
  • Reporting: Generate and distribute daily, weekly, or monthly reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) to relevant stakeholders.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Ensure that daily operations comply with industry regulations, safety standards, and organizational policies.
  • Customer Support: Provide support to customer service teams by addressing operational issues that impact customer satisfaction

Are you interested in this opportunity? Click here to see the detailed offer and send us your CV

Service & Release Engineers – Tanzania jobs

We are actively seeking dedicated Service & Release Engineers to join our Tanzania team, responsible for the meticulous management of services and releases for various applications and technologies. In this crucial role, you will ensure that products are not only released to the market at the right time but also meet the highest standards of quality.

As a Service & Release Engineer, you will be tasked with receiving services developed by our teams, deploying them, and rigorously testing their functionality. Effective communication skills are paramount, as this role necessitates constant interaction with various IT roles within the organization.

Moreover, flexibility is key in this position, as the work hours may extend beyond regular business hours and spill over into non-business days. This scheduling is intentional, aligning with industry best practices, as these off-hours are often preferred by organizations for making changes to production environments. 

Are you interested in this opportunity? Click here to see the detailed offer and send us your CV

Chakray is not only creating jobs in Tanzania, but is also investing in local skills development. The company will offer training and development programs to help employees improve their technical skills and advance their careers.

Where do I send my CV?

So, are you ready to make your mark in the world of business integration and join Chakray’s technology revolution in Tanzania? If so, feel free to send us your CV on our website. We are excited to meet you and explore together the endless possibilities that the world of technology has to offer.

Your future starts here at Chakray, we look forward to receiving your resume and taking the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career together!