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Chakray expands its reach in Africa with the opening of an office in Tanzania

Chakray Tanzania

Chakray has taken a significant step in its global expansion by opening its first office in Africa. The newly established location in Tanzania represents a strategic milestone for the company and its commitment to offering cutting-edge integration consulting services across the African continent.

New Office in Tanzania (Africa): A bold step into the future

Chakray has expanded its international presence by establishing an office in Tanzania, marking its entry into the African continent. This strategic decision responds to the growing number of clients and projects in Africa. It underscores the importance of being close to markets to strengthen relationships with its clients and partners throughout the region.

The Tanzania office will act as a center of excellence for integration consulting solutions, enabling Chakray to work directly with companies in the region to address their technology and business challenges. By being on the ground, Chakray will be in a position to provide more agile and customized support to its clients, helping them optimize their operations and achieve their business objectives.

Chakray appoints Nishel Wimalasuriya as Managing Director of the region

Chakray is pleased to announce the promotion of Nishel Wimalasuriya to the position of Managing Director for Chakray’s new office in Tanzania.

In line with our culture of fostering internal growth, this decision highlights the exceptional value that Nishel has brought to the company over two years of commitment and dedication.

Nishel also emphasized the importance of internal growth at Chakray:

“Working at Chakray has been an extremely rewarding experience. The company’s philosophy of empowering its employees has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. Being named Managing Director is a testament to Chakray’s confidence in the potential of its team members. I’m grateful for this opportunity to lead our expansion efforts and collaborate with local partners, leveraging our collective expertise to propel Chakray and the African region into a prosperous future.”

Nishel’s promotion to Managing Director reflects his relentless focus on success and his ability to lead in a dynamic environment. This decision underscores Chakray’s commitment to nurturing and developing internal talent, further reinforcing our determination to deliver exceptional solutions and world-class services to our clients across the African continent.

“At Chakray, we believe in empowering and growing our employees. Nishel has been an outstanding example of dedication and passion, and we are excited to see her take on a leadership role in our expansion in Africa” said Jack Rider, CTO of Chakray.

A Promising Future for Chakray and Africa

The opening of the Tanzania office and the appointment of Nishel reflect Chakray’s commitment to investing in sustainable growth in Africa. The company is eager to collaborate with local communities, contribute to the economic and technological development of the region, and foster innovation that will benefit all stakeholders.

Nishel shared his vision for the company’s expansion in Africa:

“As we enter this exciting new phase, I see a vast array of possibilities unfolding before us. Our expansion into Tanzania is not merely a business venture, it is a commitment to forge deep-rooted connections and contribute to the growth of the region. I’m excited to lead a team dedicated to driving innovation, fostering local talent, and creating a positive impact on businesses in the region not only in Tanzania but in Africa as a whole.”

Chakray prides itself on its commitment not only to providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers but also to being an active partner in the advancement of the communities in which we operate. With our entry into the African market, we are excited to explore uncharted territory, foster strategic partnerships, and contribute to sustainable economic growth in the region. The spirit of innovation and commitment to quality that drives Chakray will be reflected in every step we take in Africa, as we work hand-in-hand with our customers and partners (Boomi, Azure, WSO2, Workato, Gravitee, Anka, Confluent, and Red Hat) to achieve a prosperous future full of opportunities.

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