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How to read properties in WSO2 BPS

The unstoppable advance of digitization tools allows companies to have access to systems that are increasingly efficient and easier to operate. The WSO2 BPS tool is thus a step forward that offers a support tool to programmers to increase their productivity and enhance the competitiveness of systems.

WSO2 BPS: What it is

WSO2 BPS (from Business Process Server) provides a tool for organizations to deploy business processes and manage flows using an SOA architecture.

In this way, it is an instrument that increases productivity and improves competitiveness by giving developers access to implement effective business processes in a simple way. It works like a process manager and a hosting for SOA.

The platform provides a graphical and web-based user interface that manages and monitors business processes in a simple way. It is based on the OSGi framework and thus allows simple modulation and provisioning thanks to the point-and-click installation.

It uses the Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL) and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standards, while the BPEL engine is powered by the Apache Orchestration Director Engine (ODE), one of the most business-oriented options today. In addition, it allows activating BPMN 2.0 business process models through Activiti.

Its design is convenient and with multiple advantages. On the one hand, it allows simple customization to adapt to changing business needs. In addition, the WSO2 BPS system has been designed to remain in continuous improvement with each launch, according to new business challenges and the expectations of increasingly demanding customers. To do this, it uses different channels to get feedback from users (online forums, email lists and various other support options).

Features of WSO2 BPS

The WSO2 BPS system offers some of the most outstanding features in terms of business process tools. To these advantages are added the benefits of using a WSO2 tool, which include:

  • Access to an open source platform. It is the sixth largest open source company in the world.
  • First-class security. The team works on constant updates that do not allow the slightest fissure, so that it is possible to offer platforms free of any error or attack.
  • Management of different identities.
  • Interactive presentation of information. We have worked so that the platform offers a simple and intuitive interface, where access to information reigns to make the best decisions.
  • Scalability. The platform grows according to what the user needs, so that it integrates more solutions as required.
  • Lightweight in the cloud or local. Despite all the options it offers, this interface does not require large deployments in terms of capacity.
  • Components can be used either separately or together. The platform is thus designed for total customization.
  • Allows the installation of applications through REST API. It offers a comprehensive API management so that it is possible to build UIs that interact with the processes and tasks deployed.

How to read properties in WSO2 BPS

Reading properties using the WSO2 BPS tool follows a basic process that can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. Assign an activity.
  2. Invoke MultiplyService or Invoke AdderService.

In the first case, the system receives two numbers and returns the result of their multiplication. For its part, the AdderService receives 2 numbers and returns the result of the sum.

  1. Assign activity2
  2. Invoke SubtractService.

In this case, the system receives two numbers and returns the result of their subtraction.

  1. Assign activity3
  2. Invoke SquareService.

He gets a number and returns his square.

  1. Invoke Activity4
  2. Stop

To implement any of these services, axis2 is used, for which it is necessary to create a services project in WSO2 Developer Studio.

WSO2: The key technology to move forward

The WSO2 platform is a technological offering that allows different systems to be integrated and communicated, so that it works both for APIs and microservices and for orchestration.

Today, it is one of the most flexible, powerful and useful technologies for integration and business processes, and therefore many organizations have already chosen it (from governments to multinational companies such as Ebay, Bosch or National Geographic).

Some of the functions of this platform:

  • API Manager
  • Business Integrator
  • Identity Server
  • Flow Processor

At Chakray, we chose this technology for a variety of reasons, including our commitment to the principles of open source and integration.

We want to lift organizations into a constantly changing world through our consulting, design, development, technical assistance and training services. That’s why we help you with API management, security and identity processes, ESB platforms and the analysis and monitoring of metrics, being Premier Partner certified by WSO2.

Need to step into technologies that complement, customize, and enhance WSO2 solutions? Contact us and let’s work together to move forward into the future.