WSO2 Accelerator

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WSO2 Accelerator

Our WSO2 Accelerator is a fast and low cost way both to help you evaluate the potential benefits of WSO2 technologies and get your journey off to a flying start.

In just 1 week we will work with you to deliver meaningful results on either Enterprise Integration, API Management or Analytics. We also offer an Accelerator for Identity Management which takes just a little longer at 3 weeks.

The WSO2 Accelerator programme is a collaborative process designed for small teams (approx 4 people) of developers and architects.

The programme delivers the following benefits:

  • Rapid delivery of a working platform in your test environment with 2 simple integrations
  • Help your team bypass the learning curve so they can focus on the evaluation of the platform
  • Focus on the quick wins and the problems you are trying to solve to help get stakeholder buy-in

WSO2 Accelerator case study

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